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This is an improvement site of sorts, where I improve my own life by improving my home and my health.

For me, this happens because I focus on the effort I put in renovating and redoing parts of my home as see fit. Learning new skills, improving old ones, and getting things done are mere consequences of the energy I put into my home. The same goes for getting rid of belly fat, working out every day, watching what I eat and drink, and so on.

This is how I chose to organize my site:

Personal Development

Maximize your happiness. Start by taking care of yourself. Personal grooming and an exercise routine go a long way in anchoring good habits, no matter what your personal situation is.

Home Improvement

Living in a pleasant place is also great for the soul. It is satisfying and rewarding. When your four walls stop being a simple house and become your home, your environment becomes part of you and reflects your soul, your life, your wishes, and your personality.

Financial Independence

The main key to financial independence is simple: spend less money than what you earn. If you want to add a nuance here, you can make more money to pay off debt and increase your personal savings either by getting a better job or by taking on side hustles. By budgeting you can find out where you are in this journey, as well as how you can get where you want to be.


When you eat at home, you accomplish several things at once. You control the quality of the ingredients you eat. You can also save time by avoiding going to a restaurant, waiting for your food, and so on. You also save money, since eating out often is an expensive habit. You also learn to be more self reliant. This section is all about helping you accomplish all that – eat better, faster, and cheaper.

Gift Ideas

Every now and then I find good deals on the internet. I also have lost a good amount of time finding good presents for the (very few) people I care about the most in my life. This is where I gather these ideas.

Back To Me

I derive personal satisfaction (and, therefore, long-term happiness) from the amount of effort and energy I place in my home and in my body.

Am I enslaved to material things or physical appearance now? Not at all. I just happen to like the process of doing things myself, the result of seeing things done, learning how I could improve the eventual next time I need to perform such task, and sharing that content online.

Such realization came me in a point in my life where I needed several things:

– more discipline,
– better memory,
– a creative outlet,
– to express myself (more and better).

And this site is the result.

Everything I publish is the result of my own experience and lots of research. All the content is free. If you liked any of my recommendations and make a purchase using my affiliate link, I will make some bucks, at no extra cost for you, and you will help me maintain this website and my green tea addiction. (I don’t smoke nor drink coffee, however good tea became my weakness after living in Japan for 4 years.)

Feel free to contact me directly by email: diogo at bestlife52 dot com.

Thank you for visiting!