OBJECTIVE Drill Bit Set Comparison

Posted in Home Improvement on May 2, 2018

First Things First: Why Did I Decide To Write About Drill Bits? Have you ever felt frustrated using a cheap tool? While making a repair at home, have you ever been betrayed by a poor-quality screwdriver? Have you ever berated at a pair of pliers that gave up on you in the middle of a Read More »

OBJECTIVE Cordless Circular Saw Comparison

Posted in Home Improvement on April 26, 2018

While a circular saw is primarily seen as a construction tool, it has many uses in home improvement and woodworking. A circular saw gets used for almost everything -- home building, making kitchen cabinets, putting up fences, and so on. Such versatility makes it one of the first purchases a woodworker will make. In woodworking, Read More »

OBJECTIVE Cordless Drill-Driver Kit Comparison

Posted in Home Improvement on April 22, 2018

Every household needs a power drill, it is one of the most versatile tools you can have. You can use it for multiple jobs around the house such as hanging pictures and shelves, drilling accurate holes very fast, and even building simple pieces of furniture using a dowel jig or a pocket hole jig. And, Read More »

The Simple Tool Torque Unit Guide: MWO, UWO, in.lbs, and Nm

Posted in Home Improvement on April 21, 2018

Just so you understand where I am coming from, my MBTI personality type is INTJ. I am extremely rational and I do my best to make sense of everything around me that is minimally important. As I became interested in DIY and woodworking, I began to research hand tools and power tools. Then I saw Read More »

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