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How to identify 11 car fluid leaks

Posted in Car Care on June 26, 2018

A lot of different fluids can leak out of your car, To help you identify them, place a plastic container where the leak occurs, or if the leak is very small, a piece of white paper to capture its color. Leaks are identified by physical evidence — smell, color, texture, etc. Once the leaks source Read More »

Checking Constant Velocity (CV) Joints

Posted in Car Care on June 18, 2018

Car owners need to add an important visual check to their maintenance schedule when they become owners of a front-wheel-drive vehicle: the constant velocity (CV) joint. Here's why. What is a CV Joint? The heart of every front-wheel-drive unit is the constant velocity (CV) joint. This clever device transmits engine power to the front wheels. Read More »