Olive Leaf Tea Benefits

Posted in Health on December 7, 2017

Olive Leaf Tea to get rid of the flu and make you more energized

When Winter is at our door and becomes easier to catch a cold, you think how can you improve your immune system for to get away with the flu and face another day with a little more energy and power.

And once I start to research about natural immune boosts, one of the most powerful was the olive leaf as per its oil (oleuropein) and phytochemicals.

And all these substances which are responsible for its health protective functions are linked at the fact that olive trees are very resilient at their home habitat, fighting against insects and their poisons, bacteria, weeds and recently man-made air pollution. As a matter of fact, the olive trees in Gethsemane Garden in Jerusalem are among oldest in the world, at least 900 years old and “yet despite their great age, the study showed the trees were in excellent health and had not been affected by lead pollution in the area”.

All this endurance power is carried through its fruits, olive oil, oleuropein and the other olive leaf components.

Everybody is well educated about the benefits of the olive oil and its health protective impacts as per its intake when following the Mediterranean Diet that “include proportionally high consumption of olive oil, …”.

On the other hand, the use and effects of the olive leaf’s substances were registered as ancient times as the mummification of the pharaohs by the Egyptians and it has been used as a fever and malaria homemade remedy as registered in the Pharmaceutical Journal (1854 - England).

Besides its ability to “kill” microorganisms, as its potent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties (like at the flu), various scientific studies with olive leaf extract at human may suggest that:

Preventive recommended dosage for LDL (good cholesterol) oxidation is as low as 10 mg (as you can get in extra virgin olive oil) and a safe supplemental olive leaf’s dosage is about a daily intake of 500-1000mg.

The main contraindications are the oleuropein interaction with blood thinning medication as aspirin or any prescription medication. Another possible interaction is if you are taking insulin because it can reduce the glucose levels in your blood.

And as per its bitter taste, oleuropein has liver detox properties. So, it can cause some headaches and/or diarrhea as well.

Another side effect experienced by people who have access to oleuropein is an energy enhancement. Even those who don’t are illness, that is a good news.

I choose to benefit myself and my family by olive leaf tea and being very blessed for to have some olive trees near home, so we are drinking it every day. So keep your electric kettle around you and enjoy the benefits of the olive leaf.