Pomegranate Benefits

Posted in Health on June 26, 2017

Pomegranate is my favorite fruit.

It is very different because its juice comes in little spheres, that pop up in your mouth when you chew it. Also, it is sweet with a little acid aftertaste and has a seed crunchy texture.

Very Special Health Properties

The juice has been studied for its healthy qualities as:

And, more recently, scientists are studying a new molecule that can boost your muscles. The École Polytechnique Fédérale in Lausanne (EPFL) discovers that the pomegranate seeds releases a compound (urolithin A) that when digested by our intestinal bacteria it can restore muscle fatigue. It is a big relief when you don’t know how to handle with muscle chronic fatigue, by the medical classical way.

So, how I can seed and eat pomegranates?

There are two methods of peeling the fruit.

The Hard Way

  • Cut the fruit in half and each half in 4 or 6 times without separating entirely the fruit.
  • Hold it over a bowl and gently, but firmly, hit the outside with a large spoon.
  • The seeds will eject. But you will always have some remaining stuck in the peel.

The Easy Way

  • Cut the fruit in half.
  • Cut each half exactly where you find the white membranes.
  • When you separate these parts entirely from the external shell, the spheres will easily fall.
  • Instead of 10 minutes for to get the spherical seeds, you will take 2 or 3, like when you are peeling an orange.

Look at the pictures for better understanding.

How can I drink homemade pomegranate juice?

Homemade juice became quick and almost effortless. I used to peel the fruit and after that squeeze it through a potato masher, but the unstoppable squirts turn the process into a nightmare. And it was a task for about 12 - 15 minutes/cup, at least.

Now, I use a citrus juicer. It is almost the same process of an orange, but, as I don’t have to peel it anymore, it is almost instantaneous. Maybe you knew it already, but it is a save time trick that I wanted to share with you.

I took some pictures too, so you can see by yourself how easy the process is:

Sometimes I eat it the little seed spheres in a salad. By its acid aftertaste, it will substitute lemon or vinegar in your sauce. And the crunchy texture can be your choice instead the croutons.

Well, knowing that unique seed properties, I have already increased its intake in my family's diet as it is its season.