Closet Organization Kits You Will Love

Posted in Home Improvement on December 8, 2017

How to improve your bedroom organization and increase your wardrobe space? How to own the best closet ever?

I dreamed so many times of having a walk-in closet. Now that I have one, I can tell you that it is a great help to organize myself when getting ready in the morning. My bedroom is always organized, which is a time saver and helps me decrease my stress.

The best complete solution for your closet is this Rubbermaid Configurations Deluxe Kit. There is no need to cut anything to make it yours. You can install it with your home tools! Watch the video below and see how simple it is:

It is a great cost benefit too, especially considering the entire kit (see the price here).

If you don’t have a walk-in closet, you can save time too by organizing and maintaining the bedroom neat if your wardrobe is in order.

So, if you are thinking about redoing your closet, keep in mind the following:

Elements Of A Good Closet

  • Rods for long or short hanging items and to hang ties and belts,
  • Open shelves of various heights (12 to 16 inches wide will fit all your jeans, t-shirts and sweaters),
  • Drawers for the little and tiny things like accessories, and
  • A spot for shoes.

Reach-In Closet

This is also known as a one-wall closet. It is the most common type of bedroom closet and once you need the opening being the wider as possible, use sliders doors or bifold doors. 24 inches is the minimum depth for a wall closet within interior walls and the width of a closet or two or more doors should be 60 inches, at least.

Use The Hallway

You can use the hallway between your bedroom and bathroom. I particularly see a hallway as a waste of space, but if you have one like this, you can add some shelves, clothing rods and drawers and avail it in full.

Measurement tips: on one side of the hallway you create a hang down zone of 24 inches depth; on the opposite side you can put some drawers and shelves with 18 inches depth, and the running space you will need have to have at least 35.5 inches.

Behind Your Bed

You can put your closet behind the bed and use the entire width of the room for to create a closet even if it won’t be a walking in type.

Repurpose A Room

And, the best for the last: transform another room, preferably next door to the bedroom, in a walking in closet. For one with U distribution design, you will need 5.9 x 5.9 feet.

Rubbermaid Configurations Custom Closet Deluxe Kit

Installing this kit is very easy and simple, with tools that you probably already own, plus you don't need to cut anything. It fits closet spaces between 4 to 8 feet wide, up to 22 inches high. It contains a rack that gives you instant, custom-made organization by adding 20 feet of shelving space (13 inches deep) and 12 feet of hanging space with expanding shelves and telescoping rods.
Out of all the models that are screwed in the wall, this Rubbermaid kit is the simplest to assemble and friendliest to fit because you don’t cut anything to suit your needs.
Find out more about this kit by clicking here).

Whitmore Freestanding Double Rod Closet

The Whitmore can be used in a closet or also as a storage unit. Since it is freestanding, there is no need to make holes in the wall. Assembly is completely tool-free. This storage closet system offers 2 customizable rods and 5 wire shelves. Although it was not originally designed as a closet kit, you can certainly use it in your closet, in addition to what you already have today. It could be a great alternative if you are a renter and you don't want to damage the walls. It has a great retail price see the price here, a great purchase too.

Travel Garment Steamer For Your Closet

By the way, when I was in the research phase of designing my own closet, I saw pictures of a steamer inside a closet. What a neat idea! It seems very practical to remove that last stubborn wrinkle, especially when you are in a hurry. If I were to try it out, I would choose the Secura Turbo Blast 2-in-1 Garment Steamer and Steam Iron. You can take it on a trip because it is very compact, it has a 3-Year warranty and the price is very reasonable, click here to see today's price.

Closet Organizing Kits For Your Laundry

One observation about these two organizing kits I recommended: I can definitely see both of them being used in my laundry as well. And if you have a small laundry, you should consider getting the PureSteam Duo Iron, a garment steamer with built-in ironing board and hanger with clips. It has a very compact footprint, plus it heats up quickly. The price floats often, see the price here. This way you will have an excellent laundry system to take care of your clothing and you will make an excellent use of your space.

Other Useful Tips To Organize Your Closet

  • Curtain: you can hide your rack-type closet with a ceiling-to-floor curtain, giving the sense of organization by separating two areas of the same room. This way you can take away the stressful view of an open closet, plus you protect your clothes and shoes from the dust as well. These curtains are machine washable, so they are also easy to maintain and keep clean.
  • Baskets: adding baskets is an easy way to organize the loose items on your shelves. These cubes are also an interesting option because they have lids to keep their contents clean. The cutout handles are lined with metal, so they are easy to carry and pull off and out of shelves. And they are very fashionable as well in soft grey or natural brown accents for a neutral color scheme.
  • Hanger: to help you to focus your sight on your clothes, you may choose a single color uniform style hanger. These hangers are a good choice, and for a good price too.
  • Shelving. Above 6.5 feet (approximately 2 meters), you can settle some bridge-like shelves, even if you have doors or windows, for to keep your suitcases or duvets, so you use all the height you have.
  • Mirror. Remember that a mirror (preferably a big one) is a must near your wardrobe or in your closet. If you don’t want to hang one, this cheval mirror is a great option.
  • Lighting: instead of complicating your life by changing fixtures, you can take a simpler route and use built-in lights. This model has a motion sensor and can be simply stuck anywhere you choose.
  • Hampers: so, everything is all about you having everything organized for getting ready every day faster and stress-free, so it is appropriate to have a hamper to collect your laundry. This foldable laundry hamper can help you with that.

After all this planning and efforts to make your closet the best experience to dress daily, I can assure you that will be a fun time as well to reach all your clothes and shoes and accessories effortless and, better than that, when you go out, everything will remain arranged and fixed up.

Interested in finding more information about this kit? Click here to check Amazon's page.