Get Fresh Air Indoors During The Winter

Posted in Home Improvement on June 26, 2018

Ventilating your home is always easier during the summer, which is why the majority of people do not pay attention to it - they simply open their windows. As the weather gets cooler, fresh air circulation is greatly reduced because people pay more attention to keeping their homes warm, instead of renewing the stale air.

Those factors lead to a decrease in air quality indoors since emphasis goes to keeping warmer temperatures. However, it is simple to take a few steps and ensure high air quality standards and keep your home warm, both at the same time.

Keep on reading to understand how to achieve the best of both worlds at your own home during this winter.

1. Keep Your HVAC System Clean

Instead of having your dust recirculating through your HVAC vents and registers, get rid of the residue build-up within your HVAC unit.

All you have to do is to get your vacuum cleaner and use its wand attachment to significantly decrease the dust blowing indoors. Studies about indoor air quality claim that this is the first step to immediately improve the air quality at your home.

2. Use A Humidifier

When the heat is running, the indoor air gets dryer, which encourages you to turn up the heat because dry air does not feel as warm as humid air. So, use a humidifier to moisten your indoor air.

Humidifiers are not that expensive to buy, plus they will allow you to save some money by not turning up the heat so much during the winter, effectively saving you some money on utility bills.

3. Air Filter Replacement

Check your air filters for debris and dirt on a monthly basis - and remember that this is an important task to be done throughout the year. Replace them if necessary.

If you have pets or live near a construction site, you will need to change your filters more often. Also, keep in mind that filters clog up faster during winter because there is less air circulating, which decreases your system's efficiency.

There is no rule of thumb here as to how often to change your air filters because each home is different, so you need to pay attention and check them at least once a month. A good tip is to place a monthly reminder on my mobile phone, so you can remember to check out your own filters.

4. Crack Open Windows

Regardless of the outside temperature, even a small amount of fresh air can make a big difference when there is little to no air renewal. Obviously, do not leave your windows open for too long because that will cause your furnace to work harder unnecessarily.

Ideally, crack a window or two for a few moments every day and keep renewing the air inside your home frequently. The morning air is usually fresher, plus mornings tend to be sunnier as well, so that is a good moment to crack open your windows.

4. Get Green Houseplants

Lush and green houseplants can do a lot in terms of removing carbon monoxide and benzene for your indoor air, and that automatically improves air quality.

Houseplants are a great investment in your wellness, regardless of what season we are in - they always add style and life to any room, as well as decoration. Some studies affirm that houseplants even reduce stress, which is another reason why you should consider adding a few indoor houseplants to your home.

5. Regular Maintenance And Servicing Are Important

Your furnace is an essential part of ensuring your indoor air quality.

Wise homeowners perform regular servicing with a professional, as this person is experienced in removing all dirt, debris, and dust accumulated inside your furnace. A professional will also tune-up and decontaminate your entire system, which ensures efficient operation and use less energy.

Using less energy means lower utility bills, saving you money in the process. An efficient system also brings an increased comfort level. Make sure to only hire services from a reputable HVAC company in your area for your yearly furnace tune-up.


Poor indoor air quality does not have to be a problem for you and your family.

Hiring the services of a professional HVAC company with NATE certified contractors can ensure your system is always clean and well maintained. This service will also bring you savings in utility bills and a system that lasts longer. Not to mention the extra comfort from breathing better air.

A good company will also make specific suggestions on how to improve your home system in order to ensure better indoor air quality, especially if someone in your home has respiratory issues.