How To Keep Clean Floors At Home?

Posted in Home Improvement on December 3, 2017

Cleaning the floor isn’t my thing as I prefer to cook, but it needs to be done. And, because it isn’t my favorite chore, I studied it deeply, so it can become easier, more efficient, and, so to speak, "fun". In my case, I found out that doing it every day makes it easier, and so I spend less time cleaning floors.

So, you already know that you need to sweep or vacuum, scrub a stain and polish the floor, not particularly in this sequence, and you need to do it over and over again.

Long story short, here is the result of my research, starting with simple manual gadgets and going through the electric complex ones:

Best Mop

You can use a mop to dust picking up dry, loose dust, sand or hair from the floor and in a second step, you can go to wet mop to dissolve and pull out dried-in liquid or fat or even mud pollution.

Microfiber Wholesale – it is a dry and wet professional mop. Microfiber cleans better and more than cotton mops (see the price.)
My first choice goes to Microfiber Wholesale because it does the job in a professional level with 18” microfiber flat mop to do the dry and the wet steps giving sparkling finish on laminate, tile, hardwood and stone flooring without a mop bucket. You can clean around and under the furniture, thanks to a 360 degree swivel heavy-duty aluminum frame.
Another good feature is the 4- to 6-feet stainless steel handle, which allows you to fit it to your height in order to avoid the need to bend over to clean the floor.
And you can prevent the use of chemicals that can cause allergy to your kids or pets, adding some apple cider vinegar when you do the wet phase of cleaning. You will save money from your machine-washable Mojave Microfiber Dust Mop and the Premium Microfiber Wet Mop pads as they will last hundreds of washings.

Perhaps you don’t have a sink near where you need to clean and you prefer to have a bucket, so the option is O-Cedar UltraMAX Microfiber Flat Mop & Bucket Kit (see the price here). Its microfiber pad has unmatched PowerZone that helps you to eliminate the most impregnable dirt by scrubbing it and maintaining your hands dry. Its telescopic handle is very handy (though it isn’t longer than the Microfiber Wholesale) and it has a 180 degrees swivel head for your comfort when cleaning under the bed, for example. The bucket has an innovative squeezer design that offers an optimum humidity level for a great cleaning.

You can choose an electrical mop if you want spare a little your elbow and, in this case, the winner is the Bissell Powerfresh Steam Mop (see all about it here). In my opinion, the best about it is the steam: you don’t have to use more chemicals and you will have a sanitized clean floor that will help you even with the allergies’ triggers. Among other great features like cleaning dried-on sticky messes very fast by its variable steam control and it has a removable water tank and a good long power cor. Its low-profile head will fit beside toilets and reach small spaces.

Best choice:
If you prefer a mop robot, you can go for ILIFE V5s Pro Robot Vacuum Mop Cleaner with Water Tank. (See the price here.)
It is an ideal choice for hard floors (wood or tile, marble or laminate) and you can use it in for to dry vacuum or wet mopping.
About the vacuuming: I learned in the reviews it is pretty much efficient with hair and pet fur. You can program it for a scheduling clean, preset the work or auto-clean time (randomly). Another two modes are edge clean that run along the wall sides and spot clean that will deep clean in a special dirty area.
Its battery will last for up to 140 minutes and it docks and recharges automatically being always ready to run.
The ILIFE V5s Pro Robot has a front obstacle sensor in order to safeguard your furniture and a cliff sensor to prevent it from falling off stairs. It also climbs to a maximum of 15 degrees and can clean under spaces with a minimum height of 10mm or 3/8 in.
Another important health feature is that it brings a HEPA filter, which helps you to prevent allergies.

Best Broom/Sweeper

Dust mops offer the best, lasting results for floor cleaning. If you choose not to use a dust mop, a sweeper is the second best. Next, you will find my choices:

LuckyFine 360 Rotary Automatic Hand Push Sweeper (check it here) uses no electricity or batteries. It has two circle corner brushes that pick up the little dust particles and all kind of hair and fur on flat flooring (wood, plastic, ceramic tile, and marble, but it can’t be used on carpet). LuckFine reaches 98% places (excluded narrow spaces) and its adjustable ABS handle helps you to clean without bending and it can be shortened, so it is suitable for children also and they will help you to do the chores with some fun. Another great feature is that it seals the dirt inside internal dustpan, being more practical for you to go to the garbage bin without messing around when finishing the cleaning.

Another option, in case you have hard floor and carpet in your home, is the Leifheit Rotaro Sweeper (see the price here). It is mechanical too, so you don’t need to use electricity. It gathers a strong main brush with 2 other corner ones and is perfect for low-pile rugs and carpets because of its adjustable knob brush-height. The Rotaro Sweeper has its internal dustpan as well which is easy to empty and a flat-lying hand, so you can clean low spots under the furniture. And it has a brush comb to clear debris and hair from the brushes, so it can be better effective in sweeping all the dirt.

You can also learn if vacuuming is your main concern with Bissel CleanView Upright Vacuum (read all about it here). Its OnePass Technology with nonstop powerful suction and its modern brush design provides you with more cleaning on the very first pass. This model comes with an Easy Empty Dirt Tank so you save money instead of buying disposable bags. And add to this easy dirt bin, you will find the washable filter that provides you an easy and fast maintenance. You can use the TurboBrush Tool for upholstery, furniture, and stairs, so your cleaning will be total.

And a little last piece of advice: always think on buying extra microfiber mop, in order to be ready to clean more than one room at a time, or HEPA filter, so you prevent allergies better.

The ILIFE V5s Pro Robot Vacuum Mop Cleaner with Water Tank is a vacuum/mop robot, so you can have all the best features.
It allows you to vacuum, sweep, damp, and mop all in one. It works on pet hair as well.
It can clean your home when you are sleeping or at work. It will dock and recharge automatically as well. It adjusts to all floor types, such as hardwood, tile, and laminate (see more information here at Amazon).

Final tip: keeping a house clean is much easier than cleaning it after it got dirty. That's why a cleaning calendar can be your most powerful ally in keeping clean floors. Once you get used to the calendar, you can clean everything just good enough. However, by keeping everything always clean, you can spare yourself the trouble of having to be too thorough because - guess what, your home is always clean anyways.

Avoiding perfectionism is also a great tip. You don't have to have floors you can eat out of, cleaner than your plates. As long as you clean everything weekly, the excess dust and bacteria will already be removed from your home and you will already have a great place to live in. Keep in mind the 80/20 principle, where you get 80% of your tasks done with only 20% of your effort. Keep yourself sane by avoiding going OCD on all the nitty-gritty cleaning details, and nooks, and niches.