DIY Porch Swing: Free Plans & Instructions

Posted in Home Improvement on March 31, 2019

Kick back and relax with this fun-to-build weekend project.

The smooth, gentle glide of this porch swing will keep you daydreaming for hours. In fact, you may lose your ambition for good!

The swing's simple cuts and no-hassle glue and screw assembly techniques make it a great first-time woodworking project. You can build it in a weekend.

Construction Overview

The swing was designed with a unique suspension system made from ordinary 1/2-in. black steel pipe (commonly used for gas piping) slipped through the swing frame to act as a cradle and eliminate stress on wood joints.

Eye bolts are then fastened through the steel pipe and covered by soft rubber caps to prevent scrapes.

The swing assembly is then supported with welded steel chain, securely fastened to solid framing in the porch roof.

What Tools Will You Need?

The only special tools needed are a table saw and a pilot hole/countersink combination bit.

While your work ethic is still intact, round up the following tools: