The Simple Tool Torque Unit Guide: MWO, UWO, in.lbs, and Nm

Posted in Home Improvement on February 21, 2019

Just so you understand where I am coming from, my MBTI personality type is INTJ. I am extremely rational and I do my best to make sense of everything around me that is minimally important.

As I became interested in DIY and woodworking, I began to research hand tools and power tools. Then I saw myself comparing cordless tool kits, and I realized it was like trying to compare cell phone plans. Since each company offers a different amount of minutes, messages, and internet traffic, it is basically impossible to compare apples to apples.

So I decided to draw a table with my research. And then I decided to post it online. And now you are here.

One of the most important features of a drill/driver is torque, or how much power the tool delivers at the clutch. Most companies present their torque figures in inch-pounds force (US) or in Newton meters (metric).

Except DeWalt and Porter-Cable.

These two special snowflakes release their torque output numbers in UWO, or "Unit Watts Out".

I did what any geek would do: I found a guide and converted all numbers to the same standards. This link is super long-winded but to save you the read, here is the short version:

Torque (in.lbs) = MWO x 560 / Speed (RPM)

For example:

  • DEWALT Drill-Driver Kit DCD771C2 = 300 MWO x 560 / 450 RPM = 373.34 in.lbs
  • DEWALT Drill-Driver Kit DCD780C2 = 350 MWO x 560 / 600 RPM = 326.67 in.lbs
  • PORTER-CABLE Drill Driver Kit PCCK600LB = 330 MWO x 560 / 400 RPM = 462 in.lbs

Converting between Newton Meters and Inch-pounds Force is much simpler, just divide your in.lbs by 8.8507 and you get the Nm figure.

If you are interested in finding these and many more comparisons, in my OBJECTIVE Cordless Drill-Driver Kit Comparison you can find a big table containing torque figures in both in.lbs and Nm, plus many more details about 20+ drill/driver kits.

And if you have any comments or questions, please write below and I will do my best to answer them. Thanks!