What Is The Best Food Processor? (Answered)

Posted in Kitchen on November 28, 2017

Cooking is a pleasure for me. For those who see it as a chore, it can be more enjoyable when the repetitive kitchen actions are taken care of. In this case, there is “somebody” who do all these annoying tasks - meet the food processor, a special appliance created to slice, dice, chop, grind, mince, puree, knead and shred. Not only that, but also doing all of these tasks as good as a perfect 5-star chef, and even faster than he would do it.

But do you really need a food processor? Since this can be an expensive question, it is worth to answer it properly. If I may, let us slice the answer.

Food Processor Vs. Food Chopper

So, you are a kitchen newbie and all recipes are a challenge for you. No matter if you are single or married, most of us have very long working days. If you have children and you have to cook large batches every day, please go directly down to The Best Food Processor Chopper And Dicer.

Beginners in the kitchen most of the time just prepare something fast, not too elaborate, and can be eaten quickly as well. Your cooking routine is more or less like this:

  1. My main goal is to come back home and prepare a meal in 30 minutes or so.
  2. This meal has to be balanced and nutritious, but without all these complicated steps and sauces. Instead, just a single (or a few) steps – a protein, some carbohydrates and some veggies/salad as well.
  3. My goal is going to the supermarket once a week. Sometimes I also do my grocery shopping online too.
  4. When I want something fancy, I order a takeout or simply go to a restaurant.

Easy ways to accomplish tasty menus compatible with the (lack of) time available are:

  • Rice, salad and grilled chicken
  • Pasta al pesto
  • Mushroom risotto

If this is your cooking profile, so to speak, I can say to you that in the "battle" between food processor and the food chopper, the chopper is a winner.

For a very small investment in a good chopper, you will get rid of all the hard work like:

  • chop fruits, vegetables, and herbs
  • make bread crumbs, and even
  • some chocolate pieces for sprinkling on ice cream.

My suggestion is the Black & Decker 1.5-Cup Electric Food Chopper (see price here) which is easy to operate with its one-touch pulse control, plus the parts are dishwasher-safe.
The blade stays sharp and it is safe to use because there is a lock mechanism that prevents touching hazard when the chopper is on. You can easily chop or dice for a salsa; alternating between these modes is simple with the pulse button.

A chopper is also comparatively smaller than a food processor. Think about your kitchen countertop and cabinets and keep that in mind before buying an appliance.

The Best Food Processor For Chop And Dice

Another element to consider is that a chopper doesn’t do anything else but chopping. A food processor dices, grinds, minces, kneads, purees, and shreds.

If you are ready for cooking more advanced dishes and put in more effort in your kitchen, the next step in your consideration about a chopper vs food processor is simple. Perhaps a food processor will be a better investment in the following scenarios:

  • You cook every day for your family,
  • You have a garden and like to canning, or
  • You like to entertain once on a while.

Then you need a food processor for chopping vegetables. The Breville BFP800XL Sous Chef Food Processor (see today's price) has three great distinctions that makes it the best food processor for chopping and dicing:

  1. The Breville BFP800XL first slices the vegetable, and then, hands-free dices it. It is a WOW factor that saves you time, especially when you have to work large batches of veggies or fruits, for example
  2. ExactSlice system, which is an external control that allows you to go from thick to thin and thinner by sliding a lever.
  3. Stainless steel finish, which is not distinctive but it still looks very stylish.

The Best Food Processor For Pureeing

So, if you just became a parent, or know someone who did, and their baby is almost 6 months, chances are that the pediatrician has already warned the new parents it is time to start introducing pureed meals for the not-so-newborn.

However, feeding a baby with infant formula gets expensive real quick. Plus, you don't know the actual components, where the ingredients were sourced, how clean the factory is. You just gotta... trust. Trust that a capitalist company will prioritize your family's health, instead of cutting corners to handle a bigger profit distribution by the end of the quarter. Oh, and you gotta trust the company with your family's health, not just your own.

I would rather make larger puree batches each time I cook, freeze them in smaller portions, and then alternate between flavors as the week goes. I bought everything, I know what is in there, I take more control over my family's nutrition. (Of course, I take pleasure in cooking, too, as I said earlier.)

If you also want to puree larger batches, the Cuisinart DFP-14NRY 14-Cup Food Processor (see today's price) is a perfect choice for you. As a matter of fact, you can consider to cook baby food and puree it all in one step. After that, all you have to do is to freeze it in individual portions. If you freeze it, a handy tip is to add less salt during preparation, since frozen food usually gets saltier.

Best Food Processor For Grating Cheese

I love pasta and pizza. Whenever I have the time, I also like to make pasta or pizza dough, starting from scratch. Freshly grated cheese is much, much better. Even better, pizza with a lot of cheese - and I grate it too, so it melts faster and better.

Again, it is all about what is your cooking philosophy. I take it seriously, firstly because I like to eat well. Also, as I learned from past experiences, if you eat healthily, you may stay away from the doctors or from medicine for much longer.

Then, returning to the grated cheese issue, I can tell you that a freshly grated cheese on top of homemade fettuccine is a great dish, a powerful meal for who spends energy quickly.

Buying grated cheese means buying a product that has more chance to deteriorate quicker, once it has more air contact and because of that more probability to develop fungi on it. And, being more industrialized, it is more expensive than the cheese you buy by piece.

So, if you think about how folkloric can it be to grate the cheese on the table, remember the checkered tablecloth and the wine and you will have an Italian dinner at home. A mangiare!

Though if you need to grate cheese at home in a larger batch, and freeze it, which I do when I find some good offer on a tasty hard cheese go to Breville BFP800XL Sous Chef (see price here), the best food processor for grating cheese./

And recalling Italian meals, we have the worldwide champion: pizza. Other than making the dough in the food processor, you can work in more than one kind of cheese in a food processor with a cheese grater for a pizza party, for example. It is a great way to avoid the industrial amount of yeast that we find in a pre-prepared frozen pizza and enjoy a good homemade one. Did you know that you can develop a yeast intolerance? It is an allergy food trigger that is growing and you can prevent it by making your own pizza at home (dough and grated cheese, all done by your food processor).

Best Food Processor Under $150

If you are certain that you need a food processor, and you are looking for a good cost-benefit ratio, you can have all the most important features of the Hamilton Beach 70740 8-Cup Food Processor.

The first important feature of the Hamilton Beach 70740 is its size. It does nearly every task that one on the big leagues, but in a proportion for a family of 3 (like mine) and to 10 people (like I read in a review). This is also a good purchase of a serious food processor without spending super pro money.

It helps you to chop, slice, mix, shred, and puree foods at 2 speeds, plus pulse button. The large feed chute reduces the need of pre-cutting the ingredients for processing them. The bowl, lid, and blades (stainless steel slice and shred disc and chopping blade) are all dishwasher safe.

Food Processor With Stainless Steel Bowl

The Robot Coupe Blixer (see price here) is a very strong appliance. Its best feature, the Blixer in the name, is a combination of a food processor and a blender that was created for the healthcare industry for to process food for patients with needs of modified diets which shall be given by tube feedings without losing any nutrients. Obviously, if you will use one, it will be for work on purees and patés bringing the smoothest creamy texture ever, in an eye blink.

Its manufacturer is in the market for more than 30 years, but unfortunately, we don’t have any reviews at the moment. I think that is because it has been put in the “Commercial Mixers” as I looked for it, so, the buyers, being entrepreneurs don’t give much value to do reviews. I think, if you are looking for a life lasting food processor, it worth for you to know it at this link

Best Food Processor For Making Pastry

As a beginner chef myself, I was searching alternatives to baking to my husband some good pastries, so I am giving it a try.

Baking pastries is a little tricky and my results are going up and down so far, I found out that it has to do with the heat of the dough. When you make it in a food processor, you have to pulse it, this would warm it. Preventing this from happening is simple, I just use frozen butter. So, I cut it into cubes, freeze them and use them in my usual recipe.

As you have to have work with one food processor with pulse button, take a look at the KitchenAid KFP1466ER. In addition to the pulse button, it has a storage case that helps you to organize all the accessories and save it in the cupboard, which is very useful and it is a product differential. Read customer reviews here at Amazon.