Cheap Sous Vide Machine (aka Best Multi Purpose Rice Cooker)

Posted in Kitchen on December 5, 2017

What is the best sous-vide appliance under $80?

Meet the GeekChef Electric Pressure Cooker, a stainless steel cooking pot with sous vide function. One appliance to rule them all! It is a 1- Pressure Cooker, 2- Sous Vide, 3- Slow Cooker, 4- Pressure Canner, 5- Rice Cooker, 6- Yogurt Maker, 7- Soup Cooker, 8- Saute, 9- Steamer, 10- Simmer, and 11- Insulation Warmer. Enough of cheap ramen and instant noodles! Eat better and hit your macros with the GeekChef. See Amazon's price here or keep on reading my mother's review below.

Before I answer this question, let me tell you that I am a little gourmand myself. I am repeating myself, you probably already read it before, but it is a fact. And, another important life fact is: what you eat is very important to maintain yourself healthy. I am hungry, rhetorically speaking, to learn about how I can eat better, in a frugal way (not exactly cheaper) and faster if it is possible.

And I learned about sous-vide: it is a cooking technique where you vacuum-seal what you want to cook in a plastic pouch and place it in a water bath or steam appliance and it cooks slowly and in a lower temperature for a longer period (from 1 to 48 hours or more in some cases).

It called my attention that in the sous-vide technique, once you utilize a vacuum-sealed plastic to cook, all vitamins and minerals of what you are cooking are held, so you are capitalizing in all healthier way what you are eating.

So, even though a little bit contradictory with I stated just before about cooking in a speedway, once sous-vide can take time, when you have a good appliance (like the GeekChef Electric Pressure Cooker with Sous Vide Function) that takes care of all the manual work, you don’t need to babysit your stove and you can have it all in a good warm tasty healthy meal when you came back home.

And, for me, the best about sous-vide is that you can do 2 portions of sirloin steak, for instance, and you will save energy and time. Again!

And, another great thing I learn about the GeekChef is that after you cook your sous-vide meat, you can finalize it and make it look good too by sealing it with the sauté function. It is perfect because you will need to clean one (and only one) appliance.

But what makes me more excited about the GeekChef is the multiple function options that you can have: besides the sous-vide feature, you will have the pressure cooker, slow cooker, pressure canner, rice cooker, yogurt maker, soup cooker, sauté, steamer, simmer, and insulation warmer. Wow!

So, taking advantage of another GeekChef feature and thinking about healthy food, I take at least one portion of yogurt daily. I know that there are good bacteria in it, it helps my bowel function, then I learned how to make yogurt at home. The ingredients are just 1 portion of whole yogurt and 1/4 gallon of whole milk. Here is how to make it:

  • Heat the milk (if you have a thermometer, near 120° F).
  • Mix it with the whole yogurt (at room temperature).
  • Put it all in a closed container with a lid and keep it in a protected place (like in a cupboard), so the temperature will cool down slowly.

Well, it works 85% of the time and the 15% of failure (the yogurt don’t get the right consistency) it is because somebody opens the cupboard door too many times or I didn’t heat the milk at the right temperature, for example. Well, when you make yogurt with the GeekChef you will have 100% of perfect results.

Buying yogurt at the grocery store is faster, however, it is more expensive too.

Another cooking function that amazes me is the pressure cooker: it helps me to increase my intake of vegetable protein and iron, with beans and lentils. I loved it in the winter time and my favorite one is “chili con carne” because it is spice as well. A little bit of chili helps you to speed up your metabolism.

So far, GeekChef is the only pressure cooker that has the sous-vide function.

And the other 5 reasons that make GeekChef a winner are:

  1. Save you time: GeekChef can speed up to 70% less time and, therefore, energy. Green bonus!
  2. Save you time again: you can delay its start with a timer function. So, it works as you had a private chef at home: select what you want to eat, prepare all the ingredients, close and lock your GeekChef and when you return home, voilà!, everything is ready for a warm meal.
  3. Saves you all the guessing by 12 preset programs: imagine that you can program everything by pressing only one button (rice, poultry, bean/chili, soup/porridge, canning, potato, slow cook, sauté, yogurt, sous-vide, steam, and pasta).
  4. It is easy to use: instead of setting pressure, which confuses me (if I want to cook a chicken soup, how many PSI I needed to do it properly?) the GeekChef presents Temperature + Time control for friendly use.
  5. It is safe to use: there are 11 proven safety mechanisms and includes a 3-ply bottom 304 stainless steel inner pot which is food grade and durable. The body and lid are made of 201 stainless steel for maximum durability.

And, for help you to learn better about the GeekChef, I read some Amazon reviews (that I trust because we are talking about verified purchases) that reports that the owner’s manual is too simple and needed to be improved. But I understood that the control panel is what it is: very easy to use and straightforward (the button potatoes is to cook potatoes, for example). What I understood is that “the button name is really only a guide… figure your desire cooking parameters, consult the chart to pick a method that most closely matches” and you will learn by experience.

It is helpful if you are not a pressure cooker beginner, but, even if you feel so, I can tell you that you will enjoy the exercise for to learn how to cook differently. Your health will thank you, I can say it for sure.

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