How to Design and Build a Raised Deck Step by Step

Posted in Home Improvement on June 29, 2018

Here’s a handbook that outlines the best ways to build a high-quality elevated deck. Keep it at your side as you plan, design, and complete your own. Basic steps for building a raised deck (the TL;DR version) Foundation. Dig the holes for your posts - make sure to go beyond the frost line. Pour concrete. Read More »

B12 Vitamin (Cobalamin) Benefits

Posted in Health on June 28, 2018

I believe that we can cure ourselves naturally in most cases by eating and exercising properly. I exercise this concept on a day-to-day basis. And having a very curious mind, I am constantly researching the best way to work out and have tasty omnivorous nutritious meals - yes, sir! I am a foodie and I Read More »

How to use 3 squares beyond measuring 90 degrees (with pictures)

Posted in Home Improvement on June 28, 2018

Carpentry and woodworking are just not throw-together affairs. That can become joyfully apparent at the great moment of truth when you step back to look at your finished job and everything fits. And the square — in all its variations — is one of the tools that will get you to this moment of truth. Read More »

Wood finishing: why does oak stain better than pine?

Posted in Home Improvement on June 27, 2018

Everyone who's dipped a rag into a can of stain can recall the time when rubbing the color into the wood resulted in disaster. Remember? Rather than contrasting hues and lines revealing the subtle beauty of the wood, you found yourself staring at muddy tones, ugly splotches, and glaring surface flaws that made it look Read More »

Radial arm saw tips and tricks

Posted in Home Improvement on June 26, 2018

Some folks like old-style radial arm saws – if you watch youtube videos like I do, you might have seen Frank Howarth or The Homestead Craftsman with two radial arm saws (each) in their woodshops, you also know this is not a simple matter of age or woodworking style. What can you use a radial Read More »

How to identify 11 car fluid leaks

Posted in Car Care on June 26, 2018

A lot of different fluids can leak out of your car, To help you identify them, place a plastic container where the leak occurs, or if the leak is very small, a piece of white paper to capture its color. Leaks are identified by physical evidence — smell, color, texture, etc. Once the leaks source Read More »

Get Fresh Air Indoors During The Winter

Posted in Home Improvement on June 26, 2018

Ventilating your home is always easier during the summer, which is why the majority of people do not pay attention to it - they simply open their windows. As the weather gets cooler, fresh air circulation is greatly reduced because people pay more attention to keeping their homes warm, instead of renewing the stale air. Read More »

Do I need a water softener system?

Posted in Home Improvement on June 25, 2018

Soft water cuts energy costs, uses less soap, makes housework easier, and helps you look and feel better. Here’s how a softener works and how to tell if your home needs one. Hard water is a problem that affects a majority of the people in the United States. Water in 85 percent of the country Read More »

How to fix a squeaky carpeted floor (without damaging the carpet)

Posted in Home Improvement on June 25, 2018

If your carpeted floor squeak when you walk on it, perhaps you may wonder if there is a way of correcting it without damaging the carpeting. Squeaking is produced by wood rubbing on wood or nails rubbing on wood — and for many people it’s as irritating as fingernails on a blackboard. The three most Read More »

How to make a Frame out of Wooden Molding (step-by-step with pictures)

Posted in Home Improvement on June 25, 2018

If you're a beginning woodworker, picture framing is an ideal project — it requires only simple tools and inexpensive materials, but it gives you quick results. It’s a skill you can practice, too, and maybe even screw up at first, without any great loss of time or money. If you’re a seasoned woodworker or DIYer, Read More »

How to Remove old-fashioned Milk Paint (the simple way)

Posted in Home Improvement on June 24, 2018

If you have an old painted chair and want to refinish it, perhaps you will find the paint resisting to every kind of stripper. You may try pastes and liquids, old-fashioned lye and new-fangled water-base strippers — nothing will work. You might not even be able to scrape the paint off. Don’t despair! There’s an Read More »

How to Prune Trees Without Killing Them (step-by-step with pictures)

Posted in Home Improvement on June 24, 2018

If you're like most homeowners, you know that the trees on your property should receive an occasional pruning. However, the task is usually put off until, for the umpteenth time, you bump into a low-hanging branch while mowing the lawn. "That's it." you say. “Tree. your time has come." Typically, the tree is then attacked Read More »

How to Check for Carbon Monoxide at Your Home

Posted in Home Improvement on June 24, 2018

Did you know that there will be over 40,000 cases of CO poisoning in the US in 2018? Did you now that CO may be responsible for 50% of all fatal poisonings? In this article you’ll learn how to prevent this silent killer from invading your home. Several hundred people will die this coming year, Read More »

How to unclog a drain (with step-by-step pictures)

Posted in Home Improvement on June 23, 2018

Steps to unclog your drain now Plunge a clogged drain with a steady rhythmic motion to provide an alternating pressure and suction on the obstruction. Keep the rim of the plunger cup tight to the sink, and tightly cover the other drain or overflow with a wet rag to prevent air from espacing. Remove the Read More »

How to Build a Custom Closet from Scratch (with photos and plans)

Posted in Home Improvement on June 23, 2018

The ghosts that lurk in my closets aren’t scary phantoms from the past; they’re all reminders of current confusion — shoes heaped in a haphazard tangle, favorite shirts lost in a crush of hanging things, and my son’s lost birthday gift finally turning up under a stack of blankets (where I hid it two years Read More »