Fence Post Keeps Popping Up? Here’s How To Stop Frost Heaves

Posted in Home Improvement on March 25, 2019

Back when I lived in the countryside, one of my neighbors pointed to a fence post on the low side of his property that stood 6 in. higher than the other posts. "I drove that post back down three years in a row," he said, "but it still keeps popping up." It wasn't a persistent Read More »

How Do You Convert An Outside Light To A Motion Sensor?

Posted in Home Improvement on March 24, 2019

How often have you come home at night, fumbled for the door key, and wished you'd left the light on? Or had to negotiate an icy sidewalk in the dark? Or felt apprehensive about strange noises outdoors? A motion detector that automatically switches on the outdoor lights is the perfect convenience to welcome you home Read More »

DIY Folding Stool Build (plans, jig, pics, and detailed instructions)

Posted in Home Improvement on March 23, 2019

This nifty stool is lightweight, small and easy to carry. It folds flat and it's sturdy. I carry mine in my trunk and use it all the time for camping trips and watching Little League games and parades. But all practicality aside, this stool is as irresistible as a wooden puzzle. You'll love the way Read More »

Working With Plastic Pipe

Posted in Home Improvement on March 22, 2019

Working with the old cast iron and threaded galvanized pipe in a home can certainly mark a low point in a DIYer career. Pipes are tough to get apart and even worse to reconnect because you never have the exact lengths you need. Copper pipe makes the job easier, although you have to learn the Read More »

DIY How To Resurface Hardwood Floors Without Sanding

Posted in Home Improvement on March 21, 2019

Wood floors are tough, but years of shuffling foot-steps, fast-moving kids, high heels and sliding chairs take their toll, leaving scuffs, scratches, stains, ground-in grit and a dulled surface in their wake. But you can restore the beauty of your wood floor without the cost and mess of completely sanding off the old finish and Read More »

How to Install Sod Correctly - 5 Tools, 6 Steps, & 7 Tips

Posted in Home Improvement on March 20, 2019

It’s not the easiest project you'll ever try. You'll sweat, get really dirty and have a tired back when you're finished. But for a great-looking "instant" lawn, or if you're redoing some of the landscaping around your yard, you'll have to lay sod. To make sure that your time and dollar investment is a success, Read More »

Stop Backdrafting In Your Home Now

Posted in Home Improvement on March 19, 2019

One evening early last winter, I caught a distinct whiff of ashes as I relaxed in my living room. The scent was coming from the fireplace, although no fire was burning and both the damper in the chimney and the glass doors were closed. The rumble of the clothes dryer downstairs supplied the clue we Read More »

How To (Safely) Operate A Chipper-Shredder

Posted in Home Improvement on March 18, 2019

Convicted of "Wrongful Disposal of Yard and Garden Waste" — how's that going to look on your next job application? Sound far-fetched? Well, many communities from Florida to Oregon now prohibit the disposal of leaves. branches, garden waste and grass clippings in landfills already close to overflowing. What to do? One option is to turn Read More »

How To Build A Garden Shed (click for free plans & detailed photos)

Posted in Home Improvement on March 17, 2019

The number one pastime in America? It's not jogging, bowling or collecting Elvis memorabilia. It's puttering in our yards and gardens. And we putter with a vengeance. Flowers, grass, and vegetables over-take our yards. Tillers, trimmers and tomato stakes overrun our garages. Sometimes half the battle is just finding and untangling things before we can Read More »

How to Install a Pedestal Sink - w/ Detailed Pictures

Posted in Home Improvement on March 17, 2019

Make a small bathroom look bigger, or a big bathroom look better! Go into any bathroom in today’s model homes. especially the half-bath or powder room (sink and toilet, no tub or shower), and you're likely to find a pedestal sink. And for good reason. Pedestal sinks are elegant, without being overstated. They also make Read More »

How Do I Repair My Wood Fence?

Posted in Home Improvement on March 15, 2019

Take the wiggles, wobbles, and sags out of that old wood fence. Whether it's for keeping Snoopy in or the snoopy neighbor out, a fence just can’t do its job — or look respectable — unless it’s in good repair. Fences take a lot of abuse. The pickets and framework warp in the rain; posts Read More »

Cut Your Energy Bill: Shade Your Windows & Shading w/ Landscaping

Posted in Home Improvement on March 13, 2019

Summer is here and it’s hot. It’s the kind of heat that makes tomato plants droop, barefoot kids hip-hop across paved sidewalks, and your ice cream cone drip before you can give it a lick. It’s hard to imagine that not many generations ago, before air conditioning, shading was the best defense against summertime heat. Read More »

DIY, Free Wooden Outdoor Furniture Plans, How-To, & Pictures

Posted in Home Improvement on March 9, 2019

No fancy joinery in this furniture, no complicated techniques. You don’t even need a table saw — just a circular saw and hand tools. This outdoor furniture is just what you need to help you catch up on your relaxing this summer. Just imagine — summer afternoons, an ice-cold drink, cool shade and a comfortable Read More »

The Best Of Weekend Woodworking By Wood Magazine - 26 Selected Projects To Inspire You

Posted in Home Improvement on March 5, 2019

Weekend Woodworking was a sister publication to Wood Magazine. During 9 years they have published projects that could be build using minimal tools, little time, and just a few materials. They have gathered all the issues, transformed them in PDF form, and released a DVD, which is available for sale at Amazon. I have these Read More »

The Simple Tool Torque Unit Guide: MWO, UWO, in.lbs, and Nm

Posted in Home Improvement on February 21, 2019

Just so you understand where I am coming from, my MBTI personality type is INTJ. I am extremely rational and I do my best to make sense of everything around me that is minimally important. As I became interested in DIY and woodworking, I began to research hand tools and power tools. Then I saw Read More »