OBJECTIVE Cordless Drill-Driver Kit Comparison (UPDATED 2019)

Posted in Home Improvement on February 21, 2019

Every household needs a power drill, it is one of the most versatile tools you can have. You can use it for multiple jobs around the house such as hanging pictures and shelves, drilling accurate holes very fast, and even building simple pieces of furniture using a dowel jig or a pocket hole jig. And, Read More »

OBJECTIVE Cordless Circular Saw Comparison (UPDATED 2019)

Posted in Home Improvement on January 26, 2019

While a circular saw is primarily seen as a construction tool, it has many uses in home improvement and woodworking. A circular saw gets used for almost everything -- home building, making kitchen cabinets, putting up fences, and so on. Such versatility makes it one of the first purchases a woodworker will make. In woodworking, Read More »

How To Remove A Load-Bearing Wall

Posted in Home Improvement on August 30, 2018

Ready to remodel? Here are the five key steps you need to follow when you tear out a wall. Tired of your small, cramped kitchen or other room? Don’t despair. The extra space you always wanted may be only a wall away. By removing a wall between two rooms, you can often create the larger, Read More »

3 Solutions For Wet Basements (With Costs)

Posted in Home Improvement on August 29, 2018

There aren’t many house problems more frustrating or upsetting than water in the basement. Whether it’s water dribbling through your foundation, standing puddles or worse, it’s a nuisance and a mess. But you know what? You can have a dry basement. Sometimes the problem is easy to fix and you can make the repair yourself; Read More »

How To Use A Table Saw PROPERLY (detailed photos, jigs, & instructions)

Posted in Home Improvement on August 28, 2018

From safeguarding your fingers to creating finger joint jigs — getting better acquainted with your “big saw.” Your table saw is (choose one): A convenient place to set my coffee mug while I work. A great tool for turning 2x4s into 2x2s. A machine I used a lot — until it launched a board through Read More »

Random-Orbit Sander: What Does It Do? Should You Buy One?

Posted in Home Improvement on August 24, 2018

Random-orbit sanders combine the aggressiveness of belt sanders with the accuracy of hand sanding. Belt sanders may work the fastest, finishing sanders may work the smoothest, and hand sanding may be the most accurate — but random-orbit sanders do a darn good job on all three fronts. How To Choose A Random-Orbit Sander If you Read More »

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE): Eye Protection

Posted in Home Improvement on August 22, 2018

DlYers are a resourceful bunch, saving scraps of wood, wire, and pipe for projects yet unknown. We should be just as careful in saving a truly precious asset – our eyesight. Nearly 1 million Americans are visually impaired or blind due to eye injuries; 92.3% of those injuries could have been avoided with proper safety Read More »

Beat Your Roof's Three Worst Enemies (Worn Out Shingles, Failing Flashings, Poor Ventilation)

Posted in Home Improvement on August 21, 2018

You'll never appreciate a leak-proof roof as much as when you don't have one. Believe me, shuffling pans and buckets around the attic to catch drips on a stormy night can be a nightmare. Fortunately, this nightmare doesn’t occur often. Roofs and the products we use to cover them withstand billions of raindrops, tons of Read More »

How To Repair Ceramic Tile (With Pictures And Instructions)

Posted in Home Improvement on August 18, 2018

Make minor repairs now, before they become major problems. Ceramic tile. It's functional, durable and beautiful. But after a while, your tile floors, walls or counter-tops probably don’t look as nice as they did when they were new. Some of the tiles may be cracked, broken or even missing. So, what can you do to Read More »

How To Paint Wooden Furniture (Photos and Detailed Instructions)

Posted in Home Improvement on August 16, 2018

Here’s where being fussy and persnickety pays off! You’ve just spent a long day searching the town for that just right piece of garage-sale furniture. And you finally found it! Unfortunately, it looks like the last time your treasured find saw the light of day was when poodle skirts and sock hops were the rage. Read More »

How To Build a Dry-Laid Patio – Costs, Pictures, and Detailed Instructions

Posted in Home Improvement on August 15, 2018

How much does it cost to put in a patio? My 550 sq. ft. patio cost me around $2,700 in materials and rental charges. I did all the work myself. My cost per square foot was $4.91. If I had hired someone to do it all, it'd cost me between $10 and $15 per square Read More »

New Hobby: Woodworking

Posted in Home Improvement on August 15, 2018

Starting woodworking can be very simple and very rewarding. The sheer pleasure of molding wood to suit the form and function you chose, the process to make it all happen, the satisfaction of doing things yourself, and the pride you feel from accomplishing the task are all great feelings that make this hobby a great Read More »

Types of Plumbing Traps and How They Work

Posted in Home Improvement on August 10, 2018

When it comes to understanding a drain, there's a lot more going on than meets the eye. At first, it seems childishly simple. A pipe from the sink leads down through an abrupt, U-shaped “squiggle” and disappears through the wall, presumably taking all the drain water and waste with it. When I was 8, I Read More »

7 Basic Plumbing Fixes

Posted in Home Improvement on August 4, 2018

Plumbing can be mysterious and complicated stuff — much of it, anyway. But happily, many of the plumbing problems that haunt every house are no big deal to fix, even if wrenches make you nervous. The simple fixes shown here will help you solve seven small but nagging plumbing problems. Some take only five or Read More »

How To Build A Custom Bookcase For Beginners (with plans and pictures)

Posted in Home Improvement on August 1, 2018

You know how stuff piles up. Stacks of books and magazines grow taller, toys and games fill the corners. Tennis rackets, skates, tools and other equipment multiply with every new sport or hobby. And photos and other keepsakes you want to display have to jostle for viewing space on the overcrowded mantel. To keep pace Read More »