How do you replace a subfloor? (With step-by-step pictures)

Posted in Home Improvement on June 20, 2018

You can stop rot easily, but repairing the damage may call for nothing short of surgery. Unlike typical home ills such as broken windows, fading paint, and sagging doors, infestations of rot in floors aren‘t obvious. You might not even detect the problem until you feel a soft spot in the floor, hear a suspicious Read More »

How to Replace Drill Brushes (with diagrams)

Posted in Home Improvement on June 20, 2018

Maybe it's my imagination, but lately my Craftsman cordless drill seems a bit sluggish. It’s seen a lot of use, so I think it’s time to give it a cleaning and replace the brushes. But how to proceed? The first step is to remove the battery pack, housing screws and housing. Use a clean paint Read More »

How to Repair Rotted Soffit and Fascia (with step-by-step pictures)

Posted in Home Improvement on June 20, 2018

This is ugly, awkward, dirty work, but if you do it right, you won’t have to think about it again for a long, long time. I can’t promise you a swift, clean repair when it comes to soffits, but I guarantee you’ll become intimate (perhaps a lot more than you'd like!) with an often ignored Read More »

Build your own Yard Shed (with pictures, plans, and a detailed step-by-step)

Posted in Home Improvement on June 19, 2018

It's buried in there somewhere, deep in the trackless wilderness of your garage. You vault the lawn mower, fight off the garden hose, narrowly escape being impaled by a fishing pole, to emerge triumphantly — fugitive rake in hand. Wouldn't it be terrific to avoid all that? To have a separate place to store the Read More »

Straight Crack Across Tile Floor

Posted in Home Improvement on June 19, 2018

Some older houses have ceramic tile floors over a cement slab in their rooms. Sometimes the floor may crack over the entire length of the room. If you want to replace the tile, you might be asking yourself how to prevent the tile from cracking again. If you have a crack that runs the entire Read More »

How to replace broken glass by yourself (with pictures)

Posted in Home Improvement on June 19, 2018

How To Replace Broken Glass Fragile, thin, nearly invisible — glass is the weakest link in our solid homes of concrete, brick and wood. And sooner or later one of those weak links is going to break. Fortunately, replacing a pane of glass is a task most homeowners can do. It involves few tools, little Read More »

Do I need Gutters in my home?

Posted in Home Improvement on June 19, 2018

Are gutters required? Some people say gutters are a must, others say you can get by without them. Even though sometimes keeping clean gutters is a year-round chore, sometimes gutters are 100% necessary. I asked a home inspector friend, and he’d always choose to have gutters whenever having the option. Here’s why. Wet basements are Read More »

10 Tips for using the Reciprocating Saw like a PRO

Posted in Home Improvement on June 19, 2018

The reciprocating saw isn't a tool for every do-it-yourselfer on the block. But it you're looking forward to any serious renovation work — sawing through walls, sheathing, and subflooring, it may just be the tool you fall in love with for life. To cut a new doorway or make an opening in the roof for Read More »

Lower Fuel Bills with a Blower Door Test

Posted in Home Improvement on June 18, 2018

What is the blower door test? The blower door test measures air leakage in a house. With the fan on and the pressure gauge steady, the volume of air blowing out equals the amount leaking in. The blower door apparatus is composed of a wooden frame covered with an airtight nylon fabric, which is fit Read More »

How to use a wood chisel safely (with pictures)

Posted in Home Improvement on June 18, 2018

I learned what chisels shouldn’t be used for long before I learned what they should be used for. My father informed me, during one memorable tirade, that chisels (especially his) were not to be used as screwdrivers, paint can openers, or stakes for my camping tent. Well then, what is the purpose of these simple Read More »

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE): Choosing the right Respirators

Posted in Home Improvement on June 18, 2018

I’ll make selecting the right respirator as easy as possible—so you’ll buy one and use it for your own good! How often have you round yourself eyeball deep in clouds of dust, paint vapors or other airborne pollutants, while hard at work and home improvement project? Frequently, I'll bet. Fortunately, few home improvement materials release Read More »

Painting Stucco

Posted in Home Improvement on June 18, 2018

Can I use latex paint to paint stucco? If you own a stucco house and you thought about painting it, you may or may not be aware that latex paint isn't recommended for stucco because it prevents the house from breathing. Latex paint actually seals the stucco, causing it to get harder with age. Stucco Read More »

4 Detailed Tutorials to Make a Small Room Seem Larger (with pictures)

Posted in Home Improvement on June 18, 2018

Do you sometimes think you're outgrowing your home? Did the rooms seem much bigger when you moved in? Whatever happened to all that space? No. your home isn't shrinking before your eyes. It just feels that way. If the cramped rooms in your house or apartment are reminding you all too often of the dimensions Read More »

Checking Constant Velocity (CV) Joints

Posted in Car Care on June 18, 2018

Car owners need to add an important visual check to their maintenance schedule when they become owners of a front-wheel-drive vehicle: the constant velocity (CV) joint. Here's why. What is a CV Joint? The heart of every front-wheel-drive unit is the constant velocity (CV) joint. This clever device transmits engine power to the front wheels. Read More »

How do I fix doors that are out of plumb?

Posted in Home Improvement on June 17, 2018

In older homes, often some doors just move by themselves. Some doors. if you open them, gradually close by themselves, while others open gradually after they are closed. How can you fix this? Don't call the exorcist, because it sounds like your house has just settled a bit with age. This has caused some of Read More »