How to install Finish Trim you can be proud of (with detailed pictures)

Posted in Home Improvement on June 15, 2018

Fine cuts and sharp corners: master these basic cutting and installation techniques and you will be able to apply finish trim with expert accuracy. Whether trimming out an entire room or simply replacing an unsightly piece of molding, you really want that finish trim to look sharp. Baseboards, door casings, and window trim create much Read More »

How do you replace a torn window screen? (with pictures)

Posted in Home Improvement on June 15, 2018

Repair those unsightly broken screens and keep the summer bugs out of your hair. Remove the old rubber splines with an awl or thin screwdriver, starting from a corner. Some screens have metal splines; remove the same way, but carefully so you can reuse them. Lay new screening square on the frame, cut it so Read More »

How To Repair Small Drywall Holes (with pictures)

Posted in Home Improvement on June 15, 2018

What do a doorknob, the furniture movers, and your teenager's foot have in common? How about the uncanny ability to put baseball-size holes in your drywall? Fortunately, repairing the damage is easy. Tools needed If your tool assortment is limited, use a utility knife instead of a drywall saw to cut away the damaged area Read More »

Build a wooden wheelchair ramp

Posted in Home Improvement on June 15, 2018

If you need to build wheelchair ramps for your front or doors and would like to use treated lumber instead of concrete, here is the best way to build your own ramps. You can build a wheelchair ramp just like a deck. with footings, posts, joists, decking and railings (see illustration). Most states require that Read More »

How to use staple guns

Posted in Home Improvement on June 14, 2018

Just squeeze to fasten! Some tools are like coffee; sure, you could live without them, but once you get in the habit you sure wouldn’t want to. The staple gun is like that — addictive. Its forte is light-duty fastening: paper, plastic, screen, and fabric. It’s a versatile tool for decorating projects, like upholstering chair Read More »

Simple Garage Workbench Plans (FOUR-HOUR build!)

Posted in Home Improvement on June 14, 2018

The workbench is the center of any workshop. This design fits in just about any shop space, whether it's a corner of the garage or a wall in the basement. It has a 2x6-ft. work surface, two shelves for storage, and a handy area to store your shop vacuum. When it comes to building with Read More »

Who else wants an AFFORDABLE Small Woodshop Dust Collection?

Posted in Home Improvement on June 14, 2018

A clean shop is a safer and more efficient work environment, as well as a healthier place for your lungs. Smaller woodworking shops deal with the additional challenge of limited space. So how can you ensure you can have an efficient dust collection system without braking the bank? While some vendors and magazines may push Read More »

Why is my basement damp? (With illustrations)

Posted in Home Improvement on June 14, 2018

Are damp basements inevitable? As I went house hunting last month, I saw one basement that was very humid and I went online to try and find out why basements get damp. There are three main culprits for damp basements. Concrete channels water inside our homes by capillarity -- fancy term for water travelling through Read More »

How to hang Drywall on walls By Yourself

Posted in Home Improvement on June 14, 2018

Cover your walls quickly and inexpensively with drywall. It’s easy to hang and finish, and you even get to cover up your mistakes! You‘re pretty sure to come out a winner when taking on that drywall project, whether it's repairing a water damaged wall, building a new closet, or finishing your basement. Drywall is (Almost) Read More »

Add a Sunspace room

Posted in Home Improvement on June 14, 2018

If you are planning to add a room to the south side of your house and have been considering a sunspace design, here is what you need to know. Sunspace style rooms are an attractive and practical way to add space to your home. People use these rooms for everything from year-round garden/solariums, to a Read More »

Which home improvements are worth your money?

Posted in Home Improvement on June 13, 2018

So you just bought an older house and, naturally, you want to make it a better place to live, or suitable and attractive to rent. You are probably asking yourself which home improvements are the best investment. This is a very tough question to answer. Your best answers will come from real estate agents in Read More »

How much does a basement kitchen cost?

Posted in Home Improvement on June 10, 2018

Entertaining friends and family in the basement can be a great thing, however it gets old really fast when you need to climb up and down the stairs for the Nth time because you need to grab ice, or check the oven, and so on. How much can it cost to build a kitchen basement? Read More »

Find the most ERGONOMIC Workbench Height for you

Posted in Home Improvement on June 8, 2018

As I started designing my own workbench, I had to carefully think about an ideal workbench height. I could only find arbitrary numbers, but nothing specific for my own height. The ideal workbench height should be measured to your own needs. Your best reference is your body! Go get your work footwear and find what Read More »

Can you cut plywood with a jigsaw? (plus 3 other methods)

Posted in Home Improvement on June 8, 2018

Unless you publish a woodworking magazine or own a DIY YouTube channel, it is impossible to own every tool possible. The jigsaw, however, is a staple that should be present in every woodworking shop. It is especially useful for making curved cuts. But can you cut plywood without splintering? The short answer is YES. All Read More »

Warning: are Benchtop Jointers worth it? How can I use them?

Posted in Home Improvement on June 4, 2018

I do woodworking as a hobby and I want to take it up a notch. I recently decided my next tool purchase will be a jointer. My main issue is dealing with a very small shop, so I want something compact. A benchtop jointer is great for beginner or hobbist woodworkers or even professionals in Read More »