How to install a frost free Sillcock Outdoor Faucet

It’s Saturday morning. and if you’re like me, it’s time to give the family cars their weekly washing. Let’s see now. The cars are parked in the driveway in front, and the outdoor faucet’s in back. So once again, it’s time to drag the hose (three 50-ft. sections!) through the shrubbery to get the water to the cars. But today, instead of washing those cars, why not take the time to move the outside water supply closer to where you need it by installing an additional outdoor faucet?

How to install Finish Trim you can be proud of (with detailed pictures)

Fine cuts and sharp corners: master these basic cutting and installation techniques and you will be able to apply finish trim with expert accuracy. Whether trimming out an entire room or simply replacing an unsightly piece of molding, you really want that finish trim to look sharp. Baseboards, door casings, and window trim create much of the grace, accent, and individuality of our homes. The well-crafted older styles — wide, thick, and sometimes fanciful — stamped a specific character on each room.

Choosing the PROPER Type of House Paint for the job

Come spring, do you join the army of DIYers who march down the aisles of the paint store trying to find that magical paint that’ll last forever? Spring painting chores pop up like dandelions — if it’s not faded or flaking siding, it’s a peeling porch floor. Or the walls in the kid’s room look shabby and worn from washing off marker stains. So we line up at the paint store hoping for a permanent fix.

How to hang Drywall on walls By Yourself

Cover your walls quickly and inexpensively with drywall. It’s easy to hang and finish, and you even get to cover up your mistakes! You‘re pretty sure to come out a winner when taking on that drywall project, whether it’s repairing a water damaged wall, building a new closet, or finishing your basement. Drywall is (Almost) Goof-Proof Drywall is easy to work with: it comes in large sheets, cuts with a utility knife and nails or screws directly to the framing.

6 Steps for PROPERLY Exterior Painting Your Home

Ah, springtime. The trees are budding, the grass is greening and it’s time to paint your house. Again. And if your “again” came all too soon for you, say less than four years, and you really would like to get five years or more out of a paint job, this is the information you’re looking to. Painting your house doesn’t have to be an ongoing event. But even the best paint won’t last if you don’t prepare the surface.

Cut Your Energy Bill: Shade Your Windows & Shading w/ Landscaping

Summer is here and it’s hot. It’s the kind of heat that makes tomato plants droop, barefoot kids hip-hop across paved sidewalks, and your ice cream cone drip before you can give it a lick. It’s hard to imagine that not many generations ago, before air conditioning, shading was the best defense against summertime heat. In those days our parents and grandparents worked inside if they could, near open windows. After work, they headed for the nearest covered porch, where they sat and fanned themselves, waiting for a cool breeze or simply sweating it out.

How to Check for Carbon Monoxide at Your Home

Did you know that there will be over 40,000 cases of CO poisoning in the US in 2018? Did you now that CO may be responsible for 50% of all fatal poisonings? In this article you’ll learn how to prevent this silent killer from invading your home. Several hundred people will die this coming year, killed in their homes by an invisible, silent assassin. Thousands more will have their health damaged, perhaps seriously.

Wood finishing: why does oak stain better than pine?

Everyone who’s dipped a rag into a can of stain can recall the time when rubbing the color into the wood resulted in disaster. Remember? Rather than contrasting hues and lines revealing the subtle beauty of the wood, you found yourself staring at muddy tones, ugly splotches, and glaring surface flaws that made it look awful. It’s a painful reminder that some types of wood (pine, birch and maple, for example) don’t take stain as easily as others (oak, ash, hickory).

How do you strip and refinish furniture? (10 steps with pictures)

If you’ve ever wandered through a garage sale, you’ve probably found a piece of furniture that you fell in love with — at first glance. But upon closer inspection, its outward appearance looked like it was beyond hope. Well, now you can buy those ugly ducklings. because you will learn how to remove that old, worn-out finish and bring back the natural beauty of the wood. Even if you’ve never stripped furniture before.

6 Hacks for finding Straight, Square, Plumb, and Level

Avoid problems by starting properly There you stand, frustrated and disappointed, in the middle of your half-finished basement. Your dream family room has turned into a nightmare. Beautiful oak doors stick and bind; that last row of floor tiles tapers from 4 in. on one end down to 1 in. on the other; none of the drywall fits quite right; and now, standing ankle deep in wasted oak trim, you wonder where you went wrong.