What Is The Best Electric Razor For Men? (Answered)

Posted on December 10, 2017

TL;DR: if you want to get a good shave, mess-free, at a reasonable price, and save time cleaning the shaver, then the best electric razor is the Philips Norelco S5370/84. I know the self-cleaning is expensive, however, I am in a point of my life where I have saved money for other things, and this is one of the very few luxuries where I was willing to pay extra for the convenience.
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Model & VerdictProsConsIdeal ForPrice
Best Electric Razor For Men
Philips Norelco S5370/84
☑ lowest price to get the self cleaning system: it has a skin-friendly, alcohol-free formula to cleans and lubricate your shaver while charging it
☑ 15 shaves with 1 hour charge
☑ special turbo-powered shave adds 10% more power to work better through dense parts of beard
☑ comfortable dry or refreshing wet shave
⃠ the self cleaning device needs more counter space in your bathroom
⃠ Wet and dry shaver, for safety reasons, cannot be used while charging
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Best Budget Electric Razor
Philips Norelco Click & Style Shaver S738/82
☑ unbeatable price
☑ 12 shaves with 1 hour of charge
☑ comes with a pouch
☑ 3 attachments to shave, style, and groom
⃠ Wet and dry shaver, for safety reasons, cannot be used while chargingIf you are willing to forego the self cleaning function, this is the best cost benefit of all the reviewed shaversClick here to see today's price and claim your 45-day risk-free trial
Best Foil Shaver
Braun 7865cc
☑ 18 shaves 1 hour of charge
☑ self cleaning, lubricating, and charging base
☑ wet or dry shave
☑ five shaving modes according to your skin needs, from Sensitive to Turbo
⃠ Foil shaver is noisier than a rotary shaverPeople who prefer foil shaversClick here to see today's price

If you are willing to wash your device by yourself, then the best electric razor for the money is the Philips Norelco Click & Style Shaver S738/82. It offers three attachments for shaving, styling, and bodygroom. The shaving attachment works wet with shaving gel or cream (either in or out of the shower) for improved skin protection, or dry for convenience. The styler attachment has settings for trimming beard and mustache in 5 lengths - from 5'o clock shadow to flawless beard. And the bodygroom attachment is used for trimming body hair in three lengths. Click here to buy it with a 45-day risk-free trial.


How do you feel about it?

For me, you can look at it in two ways. The negative way is to think of a daily grind. You pretend to forget that you need a shave every now and then. You can even buy into the hipster trend, the tight pants, the checkered pants, and pretend to cultivate a beard.

Begin your days by devoting time to yourself

I believe in looking in a positive way to shaving. Doesn’t it feel good when you do something for yourself?

For me, shaving is a way where you choose to consciously start your day taking care of yourself and your physical appearance, paying close attention to your own face, and dedicating 5 minutes of your day to yourself. You can also think about the discipline of doing a small activity every day, accumulating the results throughout time, and reap the benefits by becoming a better man.

About electric shavers

I have owned both foil shavers and rotary shavers. Consider that any shaver you choose will have a break-in period of two weeks of daily use.

My Braun foil shaver was my first electric razor and it was very practical, but every once in a while it felt miserable because it pulled hair. Trust me: this is not something you want to feel at 6 AM. Plus the foil shaver was very noisy too. Some say that foil technology gives you a closer shave, however, my experience was exactly the opposite.

Currently, I own a Philips rotary shaver. My idea at the time was to upgrade but still get a cheap electric razor, with cheap replacement parts, manufactured by a Western brand – because I was living in Japan at the time. Enters the Philips HQ6070, which I paid around 6,300 yen at the time. After almost nine years of daily usage, I still have it today! The battery still runs great, plus it holds the charge. My only issue with it is the Power button, which started to act on me and it got problematic. To be honest, it happened right after I dropped it around 4 months ago!

Save time and effort cleaning the razor

And now came the time to upgrade my shaver. While I could spend some $20 and simply buy new shaver heads, this would not fix the power button issue, and also I was interested in upgrading my electric shaver because I also wanted a new self-cleaning unit.

I like to care about me, but I also want to save time on my chores. I don’t mind thoroughly cleaning my shaver every now and then, however, my free time is very scarce and I want to be doing productive things.

Simplify your daily routine

Plus, if it were necessary I could even shave using the car’s rearview mirror because I don’t need to mess with water and/or foam anymore. All I need is to press a button, shave, rub post-shaving balm (optionally), and move on with my day. I also save time and money by shaving with an electric razor – I don’t need to buy foam or razors anymore.

Save money by not buying razors and foam

Let’s do the math:

  • Shaving Foam = 1 tub/6 months = 2 tubs/year
  • Razors = 1 razor/month
  • Shaver Replacement Heads = 3 heads/year
  • (yearly cost of razors and foam) - (yearly cost of replacement heads) = (yearly savings by using an electric razor)
  • My math for the above = Break Even Point = 5 or 6 years for a decent shaver
  • Getting a good, clean shave = PRICELESS

After All, What Is The Best Electric Razor For Men?

After doing a lot of research, I decided to buy the Philips Norelco S5370/84 due to its great cost-benefit, self-cleaning ability, reasonable cost for replacement blades, and satisfied consumers who already bought it.

Since this is the shaver that I bought with my hard earned money, I have no problem recommending it to you (and using my affiliate link). Amazon is safe, fast, reliable, and often it is the best price too. They also give you a 60-day period to try out any shaver you want, and you are free to change your mind any time you want.

I organized all my research and wrote a short blurb on each of the models explaining why I consider it to be a great choice. In case anything I wrote helps you to take an informed decision, completing the purchase through my affiliate link gives me a percentage (at no additional cost to you) and helps me buy gasoline and travel on weekends.