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Posted on February 24, 2019

Free Woodworking Plans, Projects, & Ideas

Free Plans & Projects  
DIY Porch Swing: Free Plans & Instructions
How to Remove Rust from Metal
Dry Stone Retaining Wall Construction – Method, Instructions, & Tips
DIY Hard Maple Kitchen Shelf (FREE Plans)
DIY Toy Storage Box Build (FREE plans, instructions & pics)
DIY Folding Stool Build (plans, jig, pics, and detailed instructions)
How To Build A Garden Shed (click for free plans & detailed photos)
DIY, Free Wooden Outdoor Furniture Plans, How-To, & Pictures
The Best Of Weekend Woodworking By Wood Magazine - 26 Selected Projects To Inspire You
How To Paint Wooden Furniture (Photos and Detailed Instructions)
How To Build a Dry-Laid Patio – Costs, Pictures, and Detailed Instructions
How To Build A Custom Bookcase For Beginners (with plans and pictures)
How to build an Arched Arbor (with plans)
Simple Adirondack Chair Plans (Weekend Build)
Step-by-step Wood Fence Guide — Make it straight, solid and spectacular
How to Design and Build a Raised Deck Step by Step
How to make a Frame out of Wooden Molding (step-by-step with pictures)
Wood finishing: why does oak stain better than pine?
How to Build a Custom Closet from Scratch (with photos and plans)
How do you strip and refinish furniture? (10 steps with pictures)
6 Hacks for finding Straight, Square, Plumb, and Level
Build your own Yard Shed (with pictures, plans, and a detailed step-by-step)
Simple Garage Workbench Plans (FOUR-HOUR build!)
Find the most ERGONOMIC Workbench Height for you

Tool Reviews & How To Use Them

If you're getting more involved in home improvement projects, you might be thinking about buying tools like a circular saw, jigsaw, and several other power tools.

You might have heard from more experienced people, even tradesmen, who will advise, "Buy the best tool you can afford."

You might do that — spend hundreds of dollars on professional-grade power tools — but the question always remains: are they really worth the extra money?

The answer is no, it isn’t always worth buying the best power tool you can afford. Sometimes, yes — mostly, no.

A top-quality professional-grade cordless drill is a good investment. You'll use a drill all your life, and since it's very easy to push a drill to its limit, you'll appreciate the extra power and durability of a pro tool. Drilling masonry, for instance, can severely damage a light-weight drill.

For other power tools, though, you’ll generally do fine with a top-of-the-line consumer tool. Take circular saws, for example. A good consumer tool will have all the power you'll need and cut just as well as a pro model — quality of cut being mainly in the blade, after all. Furthermore, professional circular saws are quite a bit heavier and they lack the safety switch commonly found on consumer saws.

A jigsaw just doesn't get used much, and when you do use it, you aren't likely to overload it. Save your money on this tool.

With sanders and routers, it’s a tossup. They don't normally get used enough in home improvement projects to make it worthwhile buying expensive professional models. Get a good consumer-grade tool and you'll do fine. If you intend to do a fair amount of woodworking, however, a larger, professional-grade router will allow you to do much more, and a pro-grade belt sander will give you much better results on delicate work.

Finally, it’s just a good rule not to buy more tool than you need. When you're ready to move up to a bigger or better tool, do it then.

About Tools & How To Use Them  
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Personal Protection Equipment (PPE): Hearing Protection
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How to use 3 squares beyond measuring 90 degrees (with pictures)
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Random-Orbit Sander: What Does It Do? Should You Buy One?
Manual or Electric Staple Gun? Hammer Tacker? COMPLETE GUIDE + pics & tips
Radial arm saw tips and tricks
How to use a jigsaw (with photos)
Can you cut plywood with a jigsaw? (plus 3 other methods)
How to (SAFELY) Saw Firewood with a Chainsaw
10 Tips for using the Reciprocating Saw like a PRO
Warning: are Benchtop Jointers worth it? How can I use them?
The Simple Tool Torque Unit Guide: MWO, UWO, in.lbs, and Nm

Home Maintenance

Home Maintenance Tips & Tutorials  
37 Steps To Improve Your New Home
DIY How To Resurface Hardwood Floors Without Sanding
How To Remove A Load-Bearing Wall
3 Solutions For Wet Basements (With Costs)
Choosing the PROPER Type of House Paint for the job
6 Steps for PROPERLY Exterior Painting Your Home
Do I need a water softener system?
How do you replace a subfloor? (With step-by-step pictures)
4 Detailed Tutorials to Make a Small Room Seem Larger (with pictures)
How to protect your family from fire
How to install a frost free Sillcock Outdoor Faucet
Photo Tutorial: How to Update your Old Kitchen on a Budget
How to install Finish Trim you can be proud of (with detailed pictures)
How to hang Drywall on walls By Yourself
Why is my basement damp? (With illustrations)
Stop Backdrafting In Your Home Now
How to Check for Carbon Monoxide at Your Home
Lower Fuel Bills with a Blower Door Test
How to Repair Rotted Soffit and Fascia (with step-by-step pictures)
Beat Your Roof's Three Worst Enemies (Worn Out Shingles, Failing Flashings, Poor Ventilation)
Leaky Roofs: Common Causes (and their Solutions)
6 Roof Types (and how their structure works)

Bathroom Updates & Upgrades

Bathroom Updates & Upgrades
Working With Plastic Pipe
7 Basic Plumbing Fixes
How to Install a Pedestal Sink - w/ Detailed Pictures
How To Repair Ceramic Tile (With Pictures And Instructions)
Types of Plumbing Traps and How They Work
How to Tile a Bathroom Floor and Walls
How to install a Glass Block Shower Wall (with step-by-step pictures)

Backyard & Gardening

Backyard & Gardening  
Fence Post Keeps Popping Up? Here's How To Stop Frost Heaves
How Do You Convert An Outside Light To A Motion Sensor?
How Do I Repair My Wooden Fence?
Cut Your Energy Bill: Shade Your Windows & Shading w/ Landscaping
How to Install Sod Correctly - 5 Tools, 6 Steps, & 7 Tips
Majestic Mulch 101: Importance and Advantages of Mulching
How to Prune Trees Without Killing Them (step-by-step with pictures)