Photo Tutorial: How to Update your Old Kitchen on a Budget

You don’t have to spend a fortune to make your tired kitchen attractive and efficient. Read this article and you’ll see how. If your kitchen’s gone to wreck and ruin and you’re not about to tear it all out and start ever, take heart. It may not be as bad as it seems. In this tutorial you’ll learn and see smart tips on how to: replace your countertop and sink, measure and cut your countertop to match your kitchen dimensions, paint or resurface cabinets, replace cabinet hardware, get new flooring, add extra kitchen lighting, replace a window, paper or paint your kitchen walls, and add smart cabinet storage to create convenience.
How to use a jigsaw (with photos)

How to use a jigsaw (with photos)

Which jigsaw to buy? When purchasing a saw, check to see what type of blades it uses. Most jigsaws accept blades with a 1⁄4-in. universal tang that locks into the blade clamp with a set screw. Some saws accept only specially designed blades (like bayonet-mount) from their own manufacturer. Once you discover the blades you use the most, stock up to avoid running out in the middle of a job.

How to install a Glass Block Shower Wall (with step-by-step pictures)

Like the mythical Phoenix rising from the ashes, glass block has recently climbed back into fashion again after being consigned to art-deco diners and industrial windows for many years. Its comeback makes good sense, as you can see in this shower. This challenging project shows how practical, yet attractive, glass block can be. When mortared, it makes strong walls that are impervious to water and easy to maintain. Since you can buy glass block in a variety of sizes and shapes, you can custom fit a shower into almost any bathroom.

How To Build A Garden Shed (click for free plans & detailed photos)

The number one pastime in America? It’s not jogging, bowling or collecting Elvis memorabilia. It’s puttering in our yards and gardens. And we putter with a vengeance. Flowers, grass, and vegetables over-take our yards. Tillers, trimmers and tomato stakes overrun our garages. Sometimes half the battle is just finding and untangling things before we can get down to pleasure (or business, as the case might be). What you need is a shed big enough to hold all your stuff, sturdy enough to last for generations and quaint enough to be a place you’ll want to spend all afternoon.

37 Steps To Improve Your New Home

Are you a new home owner? First of all, congratulations! Now is the time where you need to think about the most important action you need to take in order to increase your new home safety, improve your quality of life, and maximize the value of your real estate. Before Moving In Tool kit If you have absolutely zero tools, buy yourself a good tool kit. Price doesn’t always mean quality, however don’t cheap out here.

Build your own Yard Shed (with pictures, plans, and a detailed step-by-step)

It’s buried in there somewhere, deep in the trackless wilderness of your garage. You vault the lawn mower, fight off the garden hose, narrowly escape being impaled by a fishing pole, to emerge triumphantly — fugitive rake in hand. Wouldn’t it be terrific to avoid all that? To have a separate place to store the mowers, blowers, trimmers, tillers, ladders, sporting gear and other trappings of our busy do-it-ourselves lives? A yard shed is a perfect solution.

The Best Of Weekend Woodworking By Wood Magazine - 26 Selected Projects To Inspire You

Weekend Woodworking was a sister publication to Wood Magazine. During 9 years they have published projects that could be build using minimal tools, little time, and just a few materials. They have gathered all the issues, transformed them in PDF form, and released a DVD, which is available for sale at Amazon. I have these projects and I am showing the first page of my 26 favorite plans here, so you can have an idea of what you could expect if you bought this bundle.

DIY Toy Storage Box Build (FREE plans, instructions & pics)

Wow, a giant building block that rolls and has a drawer too! Not that your kids or grandkids will actually put their toys away, but with a storage box like this to tempt them, who knows what miracles might happen! This is a fun project to build, but it does take some time and effort to get it to look really good. To make it user-friendly, it features rounded corners, self-balancing lid supports and an easy-on-the-fingers drawer that won’t slam shut.

DIY Porch Swing: Free Plans & Instructions

Kick back and relax with this fun-to-build weekend project. The smooth, gentle glide of this porch swing will keep you daydreaming for hours. In fact, you may lose your ambition for good! The swing’s simple cuts and no-hassle glue and screw assembly techniques make it a great first-time woodworking project. You can build it in a weekend. Construction Overview The swing was designed with a unique suspension system made from ordinary 1⁄2-in.

DIY, Free Wooden Outdoor Furniture Plans, How-To, & Pictures

No fancy joinery in this furniture, no complicated techniques. You don’t even need a table saw — just a circular saw and hand tools. This outdoor furniture is just what you need to help you catch up on your relaxing this summer. Just imagine — summer afternoons, an ice-cold drink, cool shade and a comfortable wood chair that you built yourself. Plastic and metal just wouldn’t feel the same. This furniture was designed so that you can build it even without the luxury of a home wood shop.