DIY Hard Maple Kitchen Shelf (FREE Plans)

The beauty of this kitchen shelf lies in the details, like the finger-jointed drawers, square screw cover plugs, and the matching, shop-made drawer pulls. Even a little detail like hiding the hanging bracket adds to the project’s beauty, offering uninterrupted, clean lines. The trick to mastering the details is to test all your setups on scrap wood before making your final cuts. Take your time cutting, aligning and fitting the parts together.

How to make a Frame out of Wooden Molding (step-by-step with pictures)

If you’re a beginning woodworker, picture framing is an ideal project — it requires only simple tools and inexpensive materials, but it gives you quick results. It’s a skill you can practice, too, and maybe even screw up at first, without any great loss of time or money. If you’re a seasoned woodworker or DIYer, picture framing is a handy skill just because of the savings. You can save up to 50 percent on the cost of professional framing — even more if you make your own moldings (see section below).

DIY Folding Stool Build (plans, jig, pics, and detailed instructions)

This nifty stool is lightweight, small and easy to carry. It folds flat and it’s sturdy. I carry mine in my trunk and use it all the time for camping trips and watching Little League games and parades. But all practicality aside, this stool is as irresistible as a wooden puzzle. You’ll love the way the stool unfolds — the two halves of the seat glide together as the legs slide apart below.

How to Build a Custom Closet from Scratch (with photos and plans)

The ghosts that lurk in my closets aren’t scary phantoms from the past; they’re all reminders of current confusion — shoes heaped in a haphazard tangle, favorite shirts lost in a crush of hanging things, and my son’s lost birthday gift finally turning up under a stack of blankets (where I hid it two years ago). If your closets provide more chaos than convenience, a simple organizing system like we show in this story can be a great improvement.
Pro Tips on How To Choose & Use Your First Miter Saw

Pro Tips on How To Choose & Use Your First Miter Saw

Ever wonder how a trim carpenter makes window and door trim and baseboards fit so perfectly? OK, so they probably have years of experience. But they also used the right tool — a miter saw. Since its introduction in 1967, the miter saw (also called chop saw) has become a must-have tool for trim carpenters and thousands of do-it-yourselfers. What does a miter saw do best? Here are the main advantages of a power miter saw:
Who else wants an AFFORDABLE Small Woodshop Dust Collection?

Who else wants an AFFORDABLE Small Woodshop Dust Collection?

A clean shop is a safer and more efficient work environment, as well as a healthier place for your lungs. Smaller woodworking shops deal with the additional challenge of limited space. So how can you ensure you can have an efficient dust collection system without braking the bank? While some vendors and magazines may push you to build a central dust collection system, the truth is that this is a must-have only for bigger shops.

How to Tile a Bathroom Floor and Walls

Nothing beats ceramic tile in the bathroom. Here’s how to install it. Historians may argue whether it was the automobile or the computer, supermarkets or TV that most changed modern civilization, but for most homeowners, it was none of those—it was the tile bathroom. Sparkling, easy-to-clean, water resistant, hygienic and long-lasting, the tile bathroom was the final step in our long march away from the outhouse. Well, okay, maybe I’m laying it on a bit thick, but it’s no exaggeration that ceramic tile is almost perfect for bathroom floors and walls.

Why is my basement damp? (With illustrations)

Are damp basements inevitable? As I went house hunting last month, I saw one basement that was very humid and I went online to try and find out why basements get damp. There are three main culprits for damp basements. Concrete channels water inside our homes by capillarity – a fancy term for water traveling through concrete’s tiny pores. Water vapor from the warmer outside air can also condensate in the cooler basement walls and floor.

3 Solutions For Wet Basements (With Costs)

There aren’t many house problems more frustrating or upsetting than water in the basement. Whether it’s water dribbling through your foundation, standing puddles or worse, it’s a nuisance and a mess. But you know what? You can have a dry basement. Sometimes the problem is easy to fix and you can make the repair yourself; other times the problem and the fix are quite complicated and you need to call in a professional.

Do I need a water softener system?

Soft water cuts energy costs, uses less soap, makes housework easier, and helps you look and feel better. Here’s how a softener works and how to tell if your home needs one. Hard water is a problem that affects a majority of the people in the United States. Water in 85 percent of the country is hard enough that softening is either required or recommended. Take a look at the map of hard water concentration to see how your area is rated.