Fence Post Keeps Popping Up? Here’s How To Stop Frost Heaves

Back when I lived in the countryside, one of my neighbors pointed to a fence post on the low side of his property that stood 6 in. higher than the other posts. “I drove that post back down three years in a row,” he said, “but it still keeps popping up.” It wasn’t a persistent woodchuck at work. It was the annual work of winter-time frost. Frost, the same light, delicate stuff that periodically coats your window glass in winter, is a surprisingly powerful natural force.

Stop Backdrafting In Your Home Now

One evening early last winter, I caught a distinct whiff of ashes as I relaxed in my living room. The scent was coming from the fireplace, although no fire was burning and both the damper in the chimney and the glass doors were closed. The rumble of the clothes dryer downstairs supplied the clue we needed to explain the mystery. The dryer, because it vents to the outside, was sucking the air out of the house.

Beat Your Roof's Three Worst Enemies (Worn Out Shingles, Failing Flashings, Poor Ventilation)

You’ll never appreciate a leak-proof roof as much as when you don’t have one. Believe me, shuffling pans and buckets around the attic to catch drips on a stormy night can be a nightmare. Fortunately, this nightmare doesn’t occur often. Roofs and the products we use to cover them withstand billions of raindrops, tons of snow and ice, baking and frigid temperature extremes, and sometimes natural disasters like hurricanes and tornadoes.

6 Roof Types (and how their structure works)

On a fall evening, as I sit listening to a cold rain pounding on the roof overhead, I always feel grateful for two things: that I'm not out there getting soaked, and that my roof doesn‘t leak. Though the wind-driven rain falls in torrents, my roof faithfully blocks the storm and channels the water to valleys and gutters, which carry it away. Of course, a roof has to do a lot more.

DIY How To Resurface Hardwood Floors Without Sanding

Wood floors are tough, but years of shuffling foot-steps, fast-moving kids, high heels and sliding chairs take their toll, leaving scuffs, scratches, stains, ground-in grit and a dulled surface in their wake. But you can restore the beauty of your wood floor without the cost and mess of completely sanding off the old finish and starting over. Instead, you can often simply recoat the old finish. How Much Does It Cost To Refinish A Hardwood Floor?

How do you replace a subfloor? (With step-by-step pictures)

You can stop rot easily, but repairing the damage may call for nothing short of surgery. Unlike typical home ills such as broken windows, fading paint, and sagging doors, infestations of rot in floors aren‘t obvious. You might not even detect the problem until you feel a soft spot in the floor, hear a suspicious squish as you step down, or find your toilet tilting and beginning to rock from side to side You also might see telltale brown stains showing up on the floor surface.

How Do I Repair My Wood Fence?

Take the wiggles, wobbles, and sags out of that old wood fence. Whether it’s for keeping Snoopy in or the snoopy neighbor out, a fence just can’t do its job — or look respectable — unless it’s in good repair. Fences take a lot of abuse. The pickets and framework warp in the rain; posts below ground rot; the structure gets wracked by winds; gates get swung on, kicked and banged into.

How to Repair Rotted Soffit and Fascia (with step-by-step pictures)

This is ugly, awkward, dirty work, but if you do it right, you won’t have to think about it again for a long, long time. I can’t promise you a swift, clean repair when it comes to soffits, but I guarantee you’ll become intimate (perhaps a lot more than you’d like!) with an often ignored part of your home. Step by step Soffit Repair instructions Rent a rolling scaffold for soffit repair work.

How To Repair Ceramic Tile (With Pictures And Instructions)

Make minor repairs now, before they become major problems. Ceramic tile. It’s functional, durable and beautiful. But after a while, your tile floors, walls or counter-tops probably don’t look as nice as they did when they were new. Some of the tiles may be cracked, broken or even missing. So, what can you do to recreate that like-new look? You could rip it all out and start over with new tile, but that’s expensive.

How To Remove A Load-Bearing Wall

Ready to remodel? Here are the five key steps you need to follow when you tear out a wall. Tired of your small, cramped kitchen or other room? Don’t despair. The extra space you always wanted may be only a wall away. By removing a wall between two rooms, you can often create the larger, less confined living area that you want. You’re not really increasing the size of your home, of course.