Woodworking projects for beginners

Build your own DIY garage workbench with shelves & tool storage spending only $41.93. Customize the workbench height according to your own height! After learning these hacks, you'll always have straight lumber, square corners, and level floors. Click to learn them! Get inspired throughout the year with 325 different projects (check our 26 choices, I personally love the Cow Palace)


Indoor projects

This is a simple DIY project that can easily be adapted into utility garage shelving or fancy bookcases for your family room. You can organize your home today! Simple, modular organizing system. Free DIY plans and step-by-step instructions. Limited tools project! Use my free plans to make this folding chair. It's robust, lightweight, small, and folds flat. Take it camping, to a parade, or a Little League game. Simple, cheap, and fast DIY project for beginners. Limited tools! Ready to build something using only hardwood? This is a beginner-friendly project that will take your woodworking skills to the next level! Teach your kids how to keep their belongings organized from an early age by making this box!



Upcycle your garage sale finds and bring new life to that diamond-in-the-rough you found. Your ultimate guide on how to remove rust from all kinds of metal surfaces (and prevent it from returning) Upcycle garage sale bargains with this full guide for complete beginners Some woods are tougher to stain than others. Here you'll understand why and learn what you can do about it.


Outdoor projects

Smaller outdoors projects

All you need to build these chairs are TWO tools and ONE weekend! Limited tools project and simple joinery allow you to build this chair, loveseat, and side table. The perfect project for beginners - build it in ONE weekend!


Bigger outdoors projects

No-concrete project, easy-to-follow steps, FREE plans! Pavers are beautiful, flexible, and manageable. This article shows you all the steps involved in fitting any patio shape to your backyard. Low-tech and everlasting, this wall is a great Summer project to create a beautiful piece of design in your garden Plan, design, and build a first-class addition to your property using this FREE guide This is the perfect project for the DIYer: limited tools, doesn't disrupt your family's routine, no need of any special carpentry skills, and no risk to damage your house if you make mistakes.


Shed Projects

Modify these plans to your needs. Build this shed on a slope (it's supported on posts). Plus it has a cool Dutch door! Build this shed and keep all your garden tools and supplies in the same place. It's cheaper than expanding your garage!