What is the best benchtop jointer for hobbyists in small shops under $500? (updated September 2019)

Flattening faces and squaring the edges of oversized, warped, rough lumber is a blessing for any woodworker. The truth is simple: the initial investment required to buy a jointer allows you to save money on lumber for years to come. My guide will compare current offers on the market, so you can take an informed decision about what will work best on your shop. I chose to compare small benchtop jointers for several reasons: I have a small shop, I like to park my cars inside my garage, and an 8” of even a smaller 6” jointer makes sense for 90% of all woodworking tasks.

OBJECTIVE Cordless Circular Saw Comparison (UPDATED 2019)

While a circular saw is primarily seen as a construction tool, it has many uses in home improvement and woodworking. A circular saw gets used for almost everything – home building, making kitchen cabinets, putting up fences, and so on. Such versatility makes it one of the first purchases a woodworker will make. In woodworking, circular saws are mostly used for breaking down heavier sheet goods (plywood, MDF, OSB) into smaller and lighter pieces that are easier and safer to handle on the table saw.

What is the best portable thickness planer for the money?

A thickness planer is one of those tools you can live without. But once you have one, you just may find yourself using it on more home improvement and woodworking projects than not. How dows a planer work? Planers remove a thin, uniform layer of wood — typically 1⁄16 in. or less per pass — from one side of a board. They’re self-feeding, with rollers that move boards past revolving cutter heads holding two or three long, sharp blades.
OBJECTIVE Drill Bit Set Comparison (UPDATED 2019)

OBJECTIVE Drill Bit Set Comparison (UPDATED 2019)

First Things First: Why Did I Decide To Write About Drill Bits? Have you ever felt frustrated using a cheap tool? While making a repair at home, have you ever been betrayed by a poor-quality screwdriver? Have you ever berated at a pair of pliers that gave up on you in the middle of a job? I have been there. I have had to rely on cheap tools when I was in a pinch and, BY GOD, it was frustrating when any of the above happened.

How Do I Build A New Wood Fence From Scratch?

Sometimes a job’s too big to do yourself. Sometimes it’s too complicated. Sometimes it’s too dirty, too scary, too time-consuming, too heavy, too smelly, or has too many wires sticking out of it (for me, that’s three). So you hire a pro to do it. Building a fence, though, is different — it’s one job you should save for yourself. Even if you’ve never tackled anything larger than a doghouse, building a fence is a great project for the do-it-yourselfer.

Lower Fuel Bills with a Blower Door Test

What is the blower door test? The blower door test measures air leakage in a house. With the fan on and the pressure gauge steady, the volume of air blowing out equals the amount leaking in. The blower door apparatus is composed of a wooden frame covered with an airtight nylon fabric, which is fit snugly into the frame of the open back door. Then the technician attaches a large cylinder, which enclosed a fan, into an opening in the fabric.
Best portable table saw for fine woodworking: Buyers Guide, Tips & (Many!) DIY Accessories (updated July 2019)

Best portable table saw for fine woodworking: Buyers Guide, Tips & (Many!) DIY Accessories (updated July 2019)

Buying a table saw used to mean shelling out a pile of cash for a big, heavy machine and then carving out a more or less permanent space for it in your garage or basement. Now there’s a new breed of table saw that’s precise, light, portable, and less than half the cost of its big cousins. These “benchtop” saws are small enough to store on a shelf, light enough to toss in your trunk and powerful enough for everyday cutting tasks, but they do have limitations.

How to build a garage workbench in under 4 hours (FREE plans)

The workbench is the center of any workshop. This design fits in just about any shop space, whether it’s a corner of the garage or a wall in the basement. It has a 2’ x 4’ work surface, one shelf for storage, and a handy area to store your shop vacuum. Time needed The components can be cut and assembled in under four hours and you shouldn’t have to spend too much on the materials (2x4s, plywood, and 2-1⁄2 in.

10 Tips for using the Reciprocating Saw like a PRO

The reciprocating saw isn’t a tool for every do-it-yourselfer on the block. But it you’re looking forward to any serious renovation work — sawing through walls, sheathing, and subflooring, it may just be the tool you fall in love with for life. To cut a new doorway or make an opening in the roof for a skylight, the reciprocating saw is unexcelled. The reciprocating saw used to be a tool for the professional only — plumbers, electricians, and contractors — mainly because they were expensive.

How to build an Arched Arbor (with plans)

If you want to build an arched garden arbor, here are all the step-by-step instructions you’ll need — including how to avoid the few teensy mistakes that I made. What’s it take to build? Have you ever watched a sport like high diving, where the judges rate the dive by its degree of difficulty? Well, if I graded this arbor that way, I‘d have to give it a 5 out of 10 for difficulty, and a 3 out of 10 for size and time.