Home Safety

Find out more about the benefits of performing this simple test in your home. Here's how you can avoid your family from joining one of the 40,000 yearly cases of CO poisoning in America Fire hazards hide in plain side all around our homes. Here's how to reduce these risks (and what to do if the worst comes) When chimney airflow reverses and warm air enters your home, instead of leaving it, it could intoxicate your family. Here's how to fix this serious problem.


Painting a house

Here's how your exterior paint job will jave a PRO RESULT and LAST LONGER! Your flaking siding, peeling porch floor, or bedroom walls all require different paint types. Here's how to choose them.



Here's how to pick the best plants and where to place them according to where you live and the unique characteristics of your plot. Here's how any person, regardless of experience, can have 'instant lawn' or redo parts of their garden. Convenience, practicality, safety: have your cake and eat it too by installing a motion sensor in your sidewalk or front door. Here's how you can cut water bills, reduce weeds, boost the vitality of your garden, and save your back. Tired of bumping against low-hanging branches while mowing lawn? Here's how you can save money while properly caring for your tree and maintaining your property value. Keep the neighbor's dog or curious eyes away from your property by fixing your old fence. Learn here if it's best fixing the old or tearing it all apart. If the winter frost heaves your fence posts, follow this guide to solve this problem once and for all.



If your roof is leaking, the seeping water could destroy the plaster and paint on the walls as well as the structural framework and insulation. Here's how to fix it. This is ugly and dirty work performed in an awkward position, however follow my guide and do it right to save a ton of money and being worry-free for a long time. Do you know the differences between gable, hip, flat, and shed roofs, plus mansards and gambrels? This text will show you them and explain a bit of their history. Here's how roof components fail (and what to do about it)



Here's how you can custom build a strong glass block wall by yourself Smaller bathrooms will look bigger; big bathrooms will look better. Here's how you can do it on your own - and SAVE THOUSANDS! Here's how to refresh your ceramic tile floors, walls, or countertops by replacing cracked, broken, or missing tiles. Ceramic tile in the bathroom is super practical, and installing it is very straightforward. Here's how to do it.



Here's how you can avoid dragging hose extensions, once and for all. Here's how you can learn how to cut, join, and support plastic pipe (ABS, PVC, CPVC, and polybutylene) without any special tools. This is how brave plumbers developed plumbing traps and why our homes don't smell bad anymore Here's how to solve 7 plumbing problems immediately with simple tools in your faucet, shower head, sprayer, strainer, washing machine, and water heater. Here's how you can cut on your energy bills, use less soap, simplify your housework, and make you look and feel better.


Basement humidity and moisture

Wet basements are frustrating and messy. Sometimes the problems can be fixed by yourself on the cheap; others, you're better off calling a pro. Learn the difference here. There are 3 main causes for damp basements - learn about them by reading this article.


Miscellaneous indoors

Save money, make it quick, and get good results by following these steps Finish trim is the kind of thing you take for granted until its joints loosen. Here's how you can solve this issue for good. Here's how you can hack any small room and trick your eyes into thinking the room looks bigger or wider. Tired of your small kitchen or cramped rooms? Here are the 5 steps to follow when tearing out a wall. Once you stop the original cause of moisture in wood, use this guide on replacing a subfloor in a hard-to-reach place. Did you know sometimes you could refinish hardwood floors without the huge mess (and long time and high cost) of sanding? Read my article to learn how. Here's all the info you need about renewing your kitchen on a limited budget.